Exposed toys

Normally I dont pay too much attention to where I put my toys. If I remember to then I will put them away in my bedside drawer, but living at uni and not having anyone to answer to its not unusual for me to leave them to dry in my bathroom or stick my toys under my pillow for later. This has never been a problem and if im having visitors I usually get some advanced warning, but today my best friend decided to turn up unannounced. She stayed a good few hours and we ended up watching a film.

...anyway the point being is she spent the whole film unbeknownst to her with my vibrator under the pillow inches behind her and had she moved it I would have been rumbled. Thankfully she is open minded and a LH customer so no worries there, but had it been anyone else I would have been panicing about what to do should it go off.

Has anybody else been in a situation where somebody has found your sex toys by accident or vice versa? if so what have you done in response?


Yes, my dad walked onto my pin ups bullets after my visit home. I forgot the tin in the bathroom. He did mention it, when he told me and put it under my pillow in my room, but never again a word about it. But its bit strange one of my parents knows. He said he would never tell mom, what he found so doubt she knows.

My OH's mum has opened my drawer before.... but it wasnt just any drawer XD So she was greeted with an array of handcuffs and blindfolds that she now knows her son uses on me...:$ thank god she is liberal!

my mum found a riding crop hiden down the side of my bed and burst in when i was sorting my toy draw once (everything spread on the floor) somehow i managed to launch it all back in in lightning spead but she must have known something was up. my partners parents searched his room onece (thought he was hiding food from the kitchin- mad i know) and found our draw of ropes and stuff "so this is all your bondage stuff then?"

I keep my condoms in my bedside cabinet alongside all of my sex toys. I was getting it on with a guy and we were a little drunk. I went to get a condom and was very clumsy, spilling all of my toys all over the floor. I didn't really notice much at the time but when I woke up the next morning they were still all on display.

And yes, he saw them all. I was mortified!

nothing like breaking the ice though i hope he didnt run off lol

i keep forgetting ive washed mineand keep leaving them in the bathroom

my son thinks i'm a right perv lol

i live in a shared house and the airing cupboard is in my room, a few times i have had mine nad BF latex outfits and hoods hanging up to dry in there and forgot about them, then noticed that the heating has been turned on or off from the controls in there! noones ever said anything though and they know what were into. My vibrator did start going again in my draw a few weeks ago, my housemate and her boyfriend and i were downstairs and we all ehard it going, i tried to make out it was my phone but they were like yeah right bet it was your vibrator! haha

ha ha yeah had a few in the suitcase vibrations ourselves lol

Last year I moved house, and asked a friend to help me carry my things. Everything was put into boxes or bags, including my toys, hichg I made sure I carried (and not my friend). About half way to my new place, one of my vibes started up, and I had to make a excuse to stop and subtly turn it off! that was quite embarrasing

my gran found my vibrator so i said it was a portable massage gadget. funniest thing was seein her sitting there using it on her neck lol

ha ha did it work?

poonamlal786 - that is absolutely hilarious!!

Unfortunately I had several episodes of my vibrators magically being put away from under my bed or pillow into bags in my drawers... my mother is so annoying.

So glad I don't live at home anymore!

Lucy x

lol wasnt funny at the time! i was cringing haha

i bet but if it works who cares lol

look at the new thread for other uses for remote vibrators