Extreme anal play

Hi BBG! Thanks for the reply.

The 'permanently opening myself up' thing is just a fantasy; I know it's not an ideal situation when you get older, but it does appeal, in a twisted sort of way...

Your advice seems like common sense. I think, however, some permanent stretching would occur, even taking it slow. According to a medical professional I've been conversing with, it does happen quite easily.

I'm already taking 10", carefully! In fact, I actually fuck myself with the full 10", but not if it hurts. I tend to alternate between my big 18"er (taking the first 6"), and doing myself with the 10"er.

The training kit sounds good; an inflatable butt plug could be the way forward. What about the inflatable dildos? They look like they would do the job, whereas only the head of the inflatable plugs swells, not the shaft, & I'd like to feel the shaft opening me up...

Thanks again, A