Ladies and Gents! Thoughts / views on giving and receiving a facial.... My wife and I tried this a few months back, was more of a fantasy thing and I thought it would be a one time only deal... boy I was wrong My wife really got off on it and now has become a regular thing, it’s also where she asks me to literally almost every time we have sex! She says she gets off that People who think she’s this lovely quiet mum but gets off on being a little dirty for her man. Which I totally love!!

I dont like it personally but I dont think there is anything wrong with liking it either. X

I absolutely love giving one. My wife doesn't like receiving.

Luckily, marriage is about compromise!

Not a thing hubby and I partake in but there are a lot of couples that do enjoy it. If you both love it go for it!

I’m not exactly meek and mild but no one would guess what we get up to behind doors and my husband *loves* it. He loves that our friends think he and I are these normal, placidly married people who work ridiculous hours and have a young family. He also loves it when I remind him of the bits that really turn me on

I’ve never had a facial and tbh I’m not sure I would get anything from it I much prefer to swallow than release into the air x

I love to give one too, sadly it’s been a very long time.

It's something I quite enjoy and Mrs TJ and I used to do from time to time, until a rather unpleasant "up the nose" incident a few years back put a stop to it! Since then it's been strictly off the cards.

I love having my OH giving me a facial, although he can finish off wherever he wants.

There’s nothing wrong with acting a little slutty in the bedroom or other places for that matter😂. If receiving a facial is a turn on why not. Lots of ladies are perfectly respectable with friends but can be red hot with their partners and after all what’s not to like being a little slutty. Enjoy it. Why not!

We've done it occassionally. I love giving her a facial but she's got to be in the mood.

Receiving is not my cup of tea, but I love giving (squirting on my partner's face). As long as you both enjoy it, it's just great! =)

Not sure if it's the same but I quite like those cucumber peel-off masks. They make my face feel really fresh and they remind me of pissing about with pva glue when I was a kid. 🙂

Smultron wrote:

Receiving is not my cup of tea, but I love giving (squirting on my partner's face). As long as you both enjoy it, it's just great! =)

Would love my OH to do this to me. Unfortunately we haven't found the squirt button yet.

Not a thing that appeals to either of us, it's a porn fantasy thing really.

We much prefer pearl necklaces as with a facial there’s always the danger of getting it in the eye, which hurts like hell!

I keep missing and ends up on her tits.

ilikepussy wrote:

I keep missing and ends up on her tits.

You say that like it's a bad thing!

Have to admit, facials aren't my thing either, but if you both love them, go for it!

I do enjoy giving them but like everything its 100 times better if the receiver genuinely enjoys it, my wife isnt that into it so its not that common for us.

Have not given wife a facial in some time . She did not mind it , except she likes to swallow every drop and hates wasting it . Me , I love the visual of cummimg all over a tan set of breasts . Not a normal facial , but sixtynining after a good fucking or two where our mixed love juices are all over each others face is a real turn on for us .

I’ve never had one before but I’m desperate to experience a facial, the thought of it turns me on so much. One of my fantasies is for 5,6 men just to release all over my face and have it all drip down me. I have had it in my eyes before and boy does it sting!