Fashion advice /opinions please

I start college tomorrow (mature student) and bought myself some new tops. One of the tops shows the middle, back of my bra, where the clasps are because it's a cowl back. I have a very large chest so a multi way bra isn't possible so the question is, what would you think if you saw someone walking around like that? Would you wear it that way?
Thanks in advance for any opinions or advice, I'm clueless with things like this

Put a vest thing under?? Like, primark and most stores do these lacy little under tops that you can wear?
I think all the similar things on here are a bit too decorated or fancy-schmancy, but high street stores should have something.

I would wear a camisole underneath :) they're pretty easy to find and high street shops have them in just about every color so I'm sure you'll find one to match the color of your new top :)

I would think that that person looks nice. It's not mine nor anyone else's place to judge someone on what they choose to wear. Of more importance is how you would feel.
It is true that first impressions last but anyone who judges you on what you wear probably isn't worth investing time in.
If it bothers you that people might think remiss of your choice of clothes then I'd say wear something different for first encounter.

PokingFun wrote:

I forgot to add, it wouldn't bother me if I saw your bra strap. You could be naked and I wouldn't care ;P

+1 haha! Wear whatever you feel comfortable in :)

As someone who has just spent some time working in a uni, I'd say it really doesnt matter what you wear these days, but I for one would have some sexual thoughts if I saw anyone's bra strap on display lol :-)

then again I'm just a horny mediterranean....

Normally when i see someone walking around with their bra clasps on show i think they are wearing the wrong size bra because they're quite high up their back you can get converters where they make it so your clasp doesn't show and it does up round your front might be some use to you. or since winter is coming you could wear a vest under your jumper to hide your bra, some vests come with built in bras so you don't have to wear an additional one

I will hunt for an appropriate vest or bandeau for underneath, hadn't even thought of that and yet it's a trick I frequently resort to when my girls are too bouncy for a low cut top. Thank you all so much :-)

Long as you feel comfortable I dont think theres any set rules in higher education. Id wear whatever you would normally.