Favourite positions for men

There's loads of information out there for men about how to please women, but I want to know what positions you guys favour.

My man loves me lying on my side, pounding deep into me.

Anything really for me. I'm not fussy. I mean, guys will come anyway so it doesn't really matter.

Why am I still awake? Why did I walk 2 miles home from clubbing?

I love it when the wife's on top, especially when she is face away from me and I can she her fantastic arse. It also means I can insert my finger in her anus an feel my cock inside her. Getting hard just thinking about.

Bent over on all fours, bum pushed up in the air invitingly and wearing black stockings and suspenders does it for me! :-D

According to my partner the secret is variety, that and getting a good view!

A good view is important, but the best is doggy style or her bending over the desk. You need to be able to get a long stroke and a hard pound

Yeah, the guys seem to like doggy! Shame most women hate their arses then so.

I don't think I've done doggy with the bloke more than a couple of times- must get it sorted, I used to love doggy!

His favourite seems to be either me on top, facing away from him and leaning forwards (doggy with less effort I suppose! lol) or him behind me spoon style, cos he has hands free for extra gropage :)

Gropage is also important, If youre doing doggy then its always appropriate to double bass your lady a little

Double bass, lmao :)

In Ireland we call that, rather less classily, a reacharound.

My guy's favourite is actually good old missionary, but with him kneeling up holding my legs back as opposed to leaning over me.

Mmmm love doggy, lovely deep penetration and the feeling of his balls slapping against me is just delicious!

Lol my ex used to lose balance after a bit if he tried the ol' reach around. I'm only small so the height difference made it awkward :)

ooh, yeah... Got to love the ball slapping action Tatiebee. Good call.

Me & OH prefer her back with her legs around my neck does it for me. I find I can get really deep & the added bonus of being able to sqeeze her thighs together a bit for a bit more sensation :-)

I prefer standing up, preferably leaning against something solid like a wall or door. Give you extra support for getting a little bit rough... :oD

Standing up is great if your heights work together. Try getting her to put one foot on something like a step - bottom of the stairs is good as you can experiment with her foot at varying heights ;-)

Bent over, bum in the air, stockings etc... are you sure you never met Mrs TB BBG???

Errr, damn, is that the time? I must dash.....