Feel after shaving

I'm a male and keep my pubic hair trimmed, not totally shaved, just trimmed.

I purchased a grooming razor for this purpose a while back, and it has a clean shaving head and a trimming head with attachments for different hair lengths (like grades when you go hair dressers).

Anyway, I always seem to go quite short, like today I did it at grade 1 (the shortest). My OH said it was a bit short so maybe grade 2 is best - but otherwise we both like it.

I trim all above and around my penis, as well as long my penis and around my balls. I also like to do my penerenium and up my bum crack.

I've recently started doing more and more anal play with myself, and I must say I love the feel back there when the hair is short, or gone. I've shaved it bare back there before but found it scratched a bit when growing back.

I love the feel after that area after shaving basically, anyone else like this, or love the feel of their OH after shaving?

I shave my OH as regularly as I shave myself too. I've always shaved her, just something I like doing, however she finds it weird to think about shaving me.

Anyone else shave their partner or have their partner shave them?


not sure I'd trust anyone with a blade near my delicates!

I'm using a double edged razor and shaving soap at the moment, so need a good balm for afterwards, leaves me a bt dry at the moment

I have some clippers that I use to trim, sometimes I do let my OH use them on me, but I also like to wet shave down there, if I do, I always do that myself!

I shave front to back with a blade just becareful highly recommend a sharpe razor its easily to glide touch wood I have never slit myself or had a blood bath

My partner often shaves me .. I love it as much as him such a turn on