female arousal

Was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions to boost a women's sex drive? Are any of the tablets and treatments on here any good? I seem to have lost my mojo!

oh no MC!! I am a fan of the http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=19825

which really gets the OH going - but it does require willingness to use it of course...

hope you get your mojo fired up shortly, I am sure it will return.

Thanks DB.

I think it's because weve been so busy recently and the OH lost her mojo before i did.

That lube looks good. Thanks for the advice. But it's really the stage before that i'm wanting to elevate. The horny factor I usually always have constantly (!!!). It's that initial feeling before even picking up the lube! Really a viagra for women i guess! But i'm always wary of pills as they are usually just a con!


may be also worth thinking what caused it. Sometimes it can be temporary, like illness, sometimes it can be medicaments (including contraception).

As for the boosters. I tried the bombshell balm, which is more like orgasm enhancer, not sure it would really boost low drive. It may get you aroused through

Otherwise the products may be a bit like miss and hit, what works for someone may not work for another

Hi Laveila,

Thanks for your input. I am hoping it is temporary because I am in a very loving relationship and don't want her to start thinking i'm not feeling the same as i was because i am.

I do suffer from depression quite a bit and have been a bit run down and poorly so that might have started it but the longer it goes on the harder it will be to rectify. Don't want to lose my confidence!

I always found vodka to be good for the female libido...kinda short term and can have some pretty irritating side effects though

I always find the more often you do it the more often you want to but maybe thats just me..

Maybe try making the effort a couple of times and you might get back into it..

I have the opposite problem my sex drive is constant and isatiable can be just as annoying

Never tried them, but these have decent reviews



What about some teasing texts or something to each other before, whilst at work or something?

Or try writing an erotic story and email it? I love a personal erotic story or scenario, def gets me going....

Hope you get it sorted x


These come with my personal stamp of approval. They're the only ones I've ever tried, to be fair, but they actually coincided with a lull in my libido and worked really well for me.

I'd go with MissTerry's advice, I find teasing texts such a turn on. Little scenarios, like what you would do to her if she came into the office right now. Also buying new lingerie and wearing it during the day. I find this helps to get me in the mood, as it makes me more aware of my body, more sensual and thus horny. Or squirly as I like to call it :D

I had the Vishagra Pink Pills linked to above (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=17887) for review. As far as I could tell, it probably wasn't anything more than a caffeine hit. So if you were feeling uninterested, my guess is that it would just make you a bit hyper.

Have you tried nutritional approaches to addressing the run-down feeling?

Thanks for all the tips guys.

GXSTRING, that was my problem too for ages! That's why i'm finding this sudden lull so weird! I've never had this problem in my life before! It's always the opposite with me! I deffinately agree the more you do it the more you want it but it's just getting to that point! I think my confidence has dissolved somehow?

As for sending sexy texts, we do that quite often and then when we are both back home we just end up falling asleep in front of the tv or just feeling too exhausted as we both have quite busy work patterns and very early mornings etc. Just need that little extra boost from somewhere.

Miss B, I do think I need to get some nice underwear etc. I'm absolutely skint though and have been for nearly a year so maybe thats another strain we are trying to work through? To be honest all my nice lingerie is a bit threadbare now!

rose hip, I do try and eat healthily and freshly, we are both quite into salady things and fruit and veg and fish. But we have had to get the absolute cheapest things available so our carbs intake has shot up so we can get away with eating less expensive stuff! What nutritional advice can you give me to get rid of the run-down feeling?

Thanks cheer-up and ginger, I will look into those products. Appreciate all your help guys.

Go on holiday to somewhere rural, warm and remote. Relax and sleep a lot, eat and drink well and a lot, let go of all responsibilities for at least 10 days if not 14 days.

I guarantee it will do the trick.

A toyboy would boost my sex drive!!