Female equivilant

Hey everyone,

I haven't been on here for a while, but I'm back!

Me and my OH have made some punishment and rewards cards, all of his are quite adventurous, but he wants me to have a female equivalent punishment.

Some of our punishments include:
- dress up as a woman
- water sports on face

I don't really know any bad ones that affect the female as well,

Anyone got any ideas???

Thank you :-)

As a forfeit my Mrs dresses up as a sexy maid and serves my drinks .

By 'bad' do you mean they are in some way humiliating for him? Easiest thing to do in that case would be to think of things you personally would find demeaning/degrading/embarrassing (assuming that's the range of emotions you're aiming for with his punishments, maybe you're not?) rather than try to find direct equivilents. Figure out why a statement is a punishment for him and think of something that would make you feel the same way. What is a punishment for one person could be a pleasure for another after all! :)

It all depends upon to what you find appealing but mine would be:

Over the knee spanking
Enforced orgasm
Edge play/denied orgasm
Bondage and flogged/cropped
Gagging from giving oh oral sex

I love to hate or hate to love all of the above 😊

I can't really comment on this has this new territory for me lol so sorry but some good comments. Sorry I can not help you.