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Isnt that sexual harassment? Exposing people to sexual acts without their prior consent?

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In the spirit of the thread, you’ll have to forgive a little creative license for the purposes of story telling. I wouldn’t take everything you read on an internet forum to be accurate, if indeed true.


If it’s the same rock festival I go to, you would end up getting most people arrested for sexual harassment if you walked past tents.
If you don’t like the view, don’t look in peoples tents.


Or dont have sex with a see-through door in a field of people getting their breakfast.

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I have a feeling you won’t like this new thread.


@elcoh I understand where you are coming from and I’m genuinely sorry if this has touched a nerve for you in some way. As such I want you to know, this was a highly embellished story/fantasised version of events. You can be safe in the knowledge that nobody was, in your words, “exposed to” anything.

However, I would question your intention to heavily throw, what was essentially an accusation on a thread where some taboo or ‘close to the line’ material is likely to appear given the title of “confession corner”. Furthermore, you didn’t seem too concerned from your review of the of the material on the ‘naughtiest experiences in public’ thread where you seemed to have a sense of humour about the whole thing given your rather funny quip about a jam doughnut. I’m curious as to what was different on this occasion.

There is of course always the need to call out behaviours that seem to overtly cross the line, however I’d argue on this occasion, for whatever reason, you have been perhaps a little over zealous and lacking in the humour you exhibited in your previous interactions on similar threads.

By and large, LH forum is a light-hearted place. Let’s keep it that way.



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@HappyUser from up to where I made that comment none of them referenced innocent people being exposed to it though. You, however, seemed rather smug about it. If you’re into voyeurism, that’s greag but there are dedicated times for that. Maybe try a wooded area with flashing lights.

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I think your a troll wanting a bite.we are just opened minded people on here living life and having fun . Maybe you should read some of the forum and try it maybe put a smile on your face :heart::heart:


Dont knock it till you have tried it​:rofl::rofl:

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After splitting with my wife and suffering with combat stress and PTSD after putting my life on the line fighting for queen and county so you people can sleep in your beds at night .this is the only place i love to come to and have a giggle to myself reading these topics and comments off you amazing people .i will not tolerate bullys coming on here and having a pop at people talking about there experiences in good fun for idiots to spoil it for everyone .this was a good topic to chat about and some prude or clown is aloud to come on and spoils it .i wont stand for any bullying to any people on here as i class you all as my friends even though i havnt met you in my eyes this clown has gone straight for @HappyUser as she got the topic going with a great story and she apologized to them which in my eyes was bang out of order as she had done nothing wrong .@Lovehoney_Brenna this person needs removed .sorry for the rant :heart::heart:


Jesus christ people, someone posted a story, how true or not is irrelevant and people are complaining (on lovehoney forum) calling them perverts ffs.

Thought this was an adult forum with adults on it, sat here reading thisband its like schoolgirls at dinnertime.

If you think slightest things make people perverts then this area isnt for you and whatever people get up to who are to judge anyone…

This was supposed to be a laugh and share stories, if you dont like reading what someone has put just scroll by and leave out childish insults.

Im off to sit on throne.


Just want to apologise for my rants on here i didnt meen to get anyone upset .its like you say we come on here to here about peoples experiences have a bit of fun and a giggle so from the bottom of my heart i apologise for upseting anyone sorry for disturbing you on your thrown :blush::blush:


Just want to say that we can all have different views on things, but still be respectful of other people’s opinions.

That’s one of the things I love about this forum, the wide variety of people and experiences and opinions.

I’m leaving this part of the Forum Rules here as a friendly reminder (I have a feeling @Lovehoney_Brenna may review this thread too when she’s back in).

Forum Etiquette & Behaviour

The Lovehoney Forum is a friendly, welcoming place where people can feel comfortable and confident. Debate and discussion are encouraged! Personal attacks are not. Similarly we do not allow inflammatory behaviour (“trolling”), kink shaming, or cyberbullying. Attacking other forum members or their lifestyles is not permitted.




This is supposed to be a fun, open and friendly place for adults to discuss topics that in other areas of life are not really talked about.

Your attitude seems a touch closed minded and serious but if you are genuinely concerned about any content each reply has a button to flag it up to the moderators so they can take a look.
You taking it upon yourself to berate people is quite inappropriate and then to descend into simply calling someone a pervert beggars belief and is completely over the line… :rofl: . You do realise what forum you’re on don’t you?

Honestly if you’re that triggered then you should just leave and not come back as it’s obviously causing you upset, but more importantly it also harms the community on here. Your nasty, judgey responses actually made me hesitate to share my little story as I am sure others will hesitate to participate if they think they are also going to be attacked.
Much of what folks write on here is quite personal but it’s a nice outlet because of the anonymity and non judgmental atmosphere. You compromise that, and that chips away at the foundation of what makes this forum so good and keeps people engaging with it.

Frankly if I were admin I’d boot you off, your attitude stinks and is a threat to the very fabric of this place.


Any alfresco sexual activity runs the risk of being seen, it was a festival where people are more open to the fact that things like this may happen, they were in a tent, behind a screen. To throw judgemental insults says more about you than the members that you are insulting. Please go and read the rules. You do seem to go out of your way to take offence at the slightest thing. Be civil please.


I think every thread has the potential to upset or offend someone out there…just don’t continue reading.
If you think it breaks forum rules flag it for the moderators and move on.

It is titled “Sexy Festival Confession Corner” so surely tent sex was going to be on the agenda…it’s not rocket science.

A fun thread once again turned into something it was never intended to be.