For the last few years i have had a massive attraction to pointed toe high heels, especially with stockings.

It turns me on when looking at women wearing them in photographs on in person.

I have no desire to wear them or anything like that.

However, i dont think even i know the full extent of what i assume is a fetish. I am not sure if i have a foot fetish or whether i just have an attraction to women in pointed too heels and stockings. Further to this, i dont like all high heels and it seems to be only pointed toe heels, patricularly patent ones.

Can anyone relate to this or have any similar thoughts?


Love looking at women in high heels. Especially the black ones with a red sole. These match with stockings are amazing

Im in to latex hoods at the moment but it only me that’s in to it as my wife feel uncomfortable with it

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Ive asked my mrs to wear stockings and heels for me.

She has worn heels in the bedroom once but isnt a fan of stockings.

I cant face telling her that i have a fetish for heels !

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What is it about a pointed toe heel and stockings that gets you going do you think?

The truth is i have absolutely no idea what attracts me to them.

Also, i much prefer women in stockings than being bare foot.

I dont love feet but stockings and pointed toe heels just turns me on massively!

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My OH has a leather & PVC fetish, hence the number of wetlook outfits ordered through LH. I do occasionally notice guys eyes lingering when I wear leather leggings or skirts out so I guess he is not on his own with that fetish?


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My wife new thing is sex outside in the garden at night which is a great turn on as there is another couple down road doing the same thing and we found out they been watchingus and the got them hot and that made my wife like it more we where doing super late so no one was up


I think it must be a very common fetish because I always notice more male attention when I’m wearing heels, tights / stockings.
Yesterday on the train I noticed a young guy just staring at my legs and shoes. It must be a fetish thing because there was an attractive young blonde beside me, around his age but he seemed more interested in my pointy leather heels.


@SubbedbyHeels I think empowerment is a good choice of words. I don’t wear high heels for comfort afterall, and as you get older you appreciate the attention more I think, especially from a younger man. I enjoy wearing them. :high_heel: