Fierce Range - Any good?

Wondering if anyone has got any of these in the plus size (18-20 ish) - My OH is this size, and is has a post-baby mum tum that shes paranoid about…so I was wondering if any of these offer any “tummy control”.

@ChloJakes you’ve recently posted a few photos of these - wondering if you think they’re good…i’m very tempted to use my birthday code (its my birthday in two weeks) to buy a LOT of this stuff as I think it’ll look amazing on her - and will hopefully make her feel sexy too!.

I particularly like this one

or this

I just want to get them all!

Morning @BLovesC :blush:

All of my fierce lingerie is in the 1X/2XL which is the 18/20.

I have the second one you have listed and absolutely loved it. I was never sure of under bust lingerie, but this totally won me over.

I’ll throw in another curve ball here. Although it’s out of stock, this is good for the bellies and making your boobs look amazeballs.

This one is also good for holding everything in, but it was slightly short in the body for me (but I am a giant at 5’'11).

It’s one of the ranges that I’m so glad they keep expanding on :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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My missus is 5"11 too! - so you’re a perfect example… Thx for your advice. I liked the look of the zip arounds too…was really hoping to get picked for those when they came around on testing last week…but hey ho…looks like i’ll be placing an order.

The best thing for making my missus feel happy about herself ive bought so far was studdy, and cupless - but they don’t make it anymore…so hoping these will do that job

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Hey @BLovesC! I have the first one you linked (the body) and absolutely love it - would definitely recommend. I have it in the 1X/2X and am the same size as your partner, and found it to be a perfect fit. I’m slightly shorter at 5"5 but it covered my tummy, holding me in but at the same time has a good stretch to it. My review is on the product page but I am a big fan and have been eyeing up some more of the fierce range since getting it :blush:

Thx @SexInTheCity and @ChloJakes i reckon I’m just gonna get both the ones you girls like…assuming I can use my birthday discount, together with this and hopefully she’ll be a happy bunny (i certainly will if I get to see her in those outfits, using that toy!)

I’m a 18-20 and i’ve got the first one too (review currently being written), and also love it!

I absolutely love these - the 1st one you posted though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @BLovesC

That’s the one I would choose as it would pull in the mum tum and smooth it all out - plus the thigh harness looks fab too!