Finding the right penis sleeve for Her

Hey people!

I’m struggling to find the right sleeve that I want to use for my Mrs. I wouldn’t mind some advice from recipients of some sleeves.

I’ve tried the silicone 1 extra inch sleeve and it doesn’t really do anything for her, in fact she has said the head of it is just too “pokey and tough”. I have a textured fat boy as well, she isn’t a fan of that one either as it’s too “mushy”.

I also have the LH 3 extra inch sleeve which looks and feels awesome when I am wearing it however the head on that one hurts/feels uncomfortable for her as well.

We always warm up well and use plenty of lube.
Girth and length are not the problem, it seems to be the hard rigid heads. Any recommendations you have are welcome! Thanks in advance :smiley:

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Hiya @alex_daniels60 :wave::wave:

Welcome to the forum.

Not tried a penis sleeve so sorry can’t help there. Browse together and talk about it.
Let her choose one with you.

Maybe she prefers you without…but doesn’t want to say?


As above I have not used one just wanted to say hello :wave:

Sure someone here will have used one who will be able to make a suggestion.

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Hello CurvyJilly!

Thank you for replying :smiley:

We have talked about it a lot and although she says she does prefer “me”, I’m trying to fulfill a sort of role play fantasy we both have.
We talk about it all the time and it really gets us going haha its just a shame we haven’t been able to find a sleeve that’s right for her.

I don’t mind what it is I am wearing as long as it feels good for her :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had a tester from LH a good few months back that was awesome - although it was a secret one so not sure if it was eventually developed. It was quite soft and unlike other sleeves I’ve tried it also felt really natural for me. She enjoyed it too for the extra girth it provided.

It wasn’t the most anatomical (quite smooth looking with no veins, just a slightly pronounced head) but sadly I can’t see anything similar.

I would say you should be able to use the sex toy promise from LH should you try another that you don’t like - I think you’ve got 60 days to return for your money back - although best check sleeves are covered.

I’ll have another look on the site to see if I can find anything that looks similar…


Actually to follow on from my last…I think this was possibly it…

Hey BLovesC!

Thanks for replying :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a tricky one isn’t it?.. I have trawled through lovehoneys selection and I unfortunately haven’t spotted anything that looks soft enough.

I have the 3 inch version of that one I think and she still didn’t like the head of it :frowning:

I think I’ll have to bite the bullet and try a headless one and see how that goes :sweat_smile:

Actually… looking at it, it does seem less prominent which may work :smiley: thank you! I’ll see what she says :grin:

Yeah I’d say it’s very much less prominent that others we’ve had (we got to compare two they sent us) and I’d say it’s quite subtle and it felt very nice (quite realistic)

They’ve got stock of the transparent one…but can’t vouch for that as we got the tan one (although I’m assuming it’s the same…it looks identical but I can’t guarantee the material is the same…worth a punt tho (no pun intended)

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You could try one of the Fantasy X Tension range ( Softer than the LH 3 extra inches but firmer than than the “mushy” Pefect Fit Fat Boy one. Some of the longer ones have a firm tip to them but less noticeable than the LH3 one. Good luck and enjoy trying.

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It doesn’t sound like she enjoys the extra length?

There are some animal modelled sleeves where the head of your penis pokes through, not adding length, but just girth.
You’d need to enjoy the fantasy designs. You’d have to search for them though, not sold via LH.

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Thanks for the replies all! It is much appreciated :smiley: