Firman outfit and lack of roleplay costumes on LH

Hi guys so my wife as started to open up with her fantasies and one of them is she would like me dressed up as a Fireman which is fine with me problem is i cant seem to find one anyway had a look on a few marketplace sites they just look tacky any ideas please?

I don't think we can link to competitors here, but you could always pop a request in the pander to me thread and one of the buyers might be able to help you? -

i thought we wasn't aloud is the reason why i stated a few marketplaces etc thanks for the link i wll request info there

Fear not, there's one on the way.

oh really i look forward to seeing this soon then thanks gemma

Lovehoney - Gemma wrote:

Fear not, there's one on the way.

Yay! I asked for one in the pander to me thread ages ago!

Love this thread.... sexy red flight attendant is something im after and a pilot for oh xxx
Hopefully something to be considered for the future. X

Getting excited! I have wanted to see my partner in one for ages x

Going be keeping a eye out for the fireman outfit. Have to put the wife on standby that lovehoney will be stocking one soon.