First Costume

Ok I love costumes and role play, its got to be the one sexiest thing that will always get me going. My question is what was the first costume you wore/had worn for you in the bedroom? and why that costume?

I will start. The first costume I had worn for me was a sexy Santa outfit. Red baby doll with all the white fluffy bits, red stockings with white fluffy tops and a Santa hat. The reason is obvious as its was Christmas day and was one of my presents, probably the best Christmas presents I've had.

My first was a sexy nurse outfit with stockings, a white lab jacket and a little nurse hat. Actually worn as a joke for friends (they dressed up too).

My first costume i wore was actually this -

My now husband bought it for me a few years ago as he had a school girl/discipline thing for a birthday bedroom treat. At the same time he bought me a black Pvc nurses outfit which i loved until i lost it and i could never find the orginal to buy another.

I had a sailor girl out fit. Just a blue skirt/knicker thingy, a little halter kneck white top and a iddi biddy white hat.

My first was simular to this one, it was worn for me as a present for my birthday ;D
My partner knew that i had a bit of a fantisy for it.
Was a brilliant night :)

In return she requested that i wear this for the day, and be her butler :)

So those are my two first times really :)

I actually haven't tried role play yet. Feel like I wouldn't know what to say, but it does intrigue me and is still something I'd like to try.

My OH is soon to be a chemistry graduate and gets to keep his lab coat! I'm thinking a good wash and clean and it'll be the perfect white coat for doctor/nurse and patient role play.

This maid outfit! I'm really into being submissive with my OH, so a maid outfit was perfect. And this one was kinda cute at the same time as being sexy.

I wore it with some fishnet stockings and high heels - we both definitely enjoyed it.

Not bought as such but put together myself was a naughty st Trinian's outfit... Suspenders, heels stockings,vvv short grey pleated school skirt, open white shirt, straw boater with my old school tie around it.... Hair in bunches and backcombed.... And the makeup....
I wasn't a mum at that time, but I sure was" naughty"!!😀

first one wife wore was a very sexy school girl outfit that she put together herself.

first one i bought her was a miss massage dress - v short and tight with zipped up front and nothing underneath.

first i wore was the classic white naval aviators outfit ( officer and gentlemen!) hired from local fancy dress shop for her birthday treat - made me wear all weekend! x

My first was a miss massage outfit for my birthday! We all went out clubbing in matching costumes and even got to wear a tiara! :) best nights are fancy dress x