First ever orgasm

i had my first ever orgasm today! can anyone share their first orgasm experiance im interested of how other people feel!

xox lisa

Nice one :) It was so long ago I forget! ha

Well done... Yeah I'm with TT, way to long to remember

I remember mine. I was eighteen at the time and it was in my mum's living room late one night. My bf at the time was giving me oral and as he inserted his fingers I could feel it building. When it happened it really was a 'fireworks' moment. I'd always stopped him each time before as I was a bit wary of the sensations but this particular night I just let him carry on and was I glad. I was really shocked and he was over the moon, bless. I remember it like it was yesterday except it was 24 years ago.

good memories Dizzy

Very good, he was very good, he had a lot of neat moves.

Mine was at 24 and with the shower attachment in the bath. They were really weak at first, and I was just like, 'is this it?'. I bought a vibrator shortly afterwards and they improved after that, and also with subsequent toy purchases. I still cannot orgasm without the aid of toys though.

Really, thats a shame,

My first orgasm was when I was 18. All my friends had had sex and I hadn't they always talked about what made them cum etc and I told them I had never cum. So for my 18th birthday they bought me a little clit vibe. I came the 1st time i used it and it was really intense. I cant make myself cum any other way apart from using a clit vibe. I have been trying to do it with my fingers but it does not feel the same.

Not got there yet. Sometimes I think I'll almost there with one of the toys I've bought but it's as far as it goes. Unless I'm REALLY stupid and it's so feeble I missed it...

congrats, but so long ago i cant tell you how mine was but i do know they get better and better

I can vividly remember the OH’s we were over 18 and had just started our relationship and having sex.

We had, had a number of sessions in the missionary position under the covers, then one day I told her I wanted to lick her pussy. Now she was unsure and lay there a little self conscious and ridged as I went to work. I wasn’t too sure what I was doing myself, but as she became aroused her inner labia opened a little and towards the top where they met, I found a little nub.

I slowly started to lap at it gently with my tongue, and could hear her starting to moan. I increased my tempo and she started to writhe a little, pushing up her hips, at this point I went into overdrive, her pussy exploded juices covering my nose and mouth. Her breathing was rapid and I guess that was her first orgasm.

It certainly hasn’t been her last, I always make sure she orgasms at least once during sex.

I can remember both my first solo and partnered, but there’s a reason partnered is so special for me, so I will share :slight_smile:

I’ve always been very wary of others because of bullying and childhood trauma, I have a hard time trusting people. I was pinned down and forcefully sedated as a teen so after that I hated the idea of losing control, I also had a fear of being judged when I was most vulnerable. In private though I was crazy for the idea of forced orgasms and losing control; I’ve long been into BDSM and I quietly craved the time my partner would force me to orgasm. I could never bring myself to actually tell someone that though, because of my fear of being vulnerable. I faked my orgasms for seven years as well, because of my fears.

We were staying with my parents for a few weeks in 2016 and my husband wanted to fool around a little so he went down on me. I could feel I was going to orgasm so I instinctively tried to stop him and he wouldn’t let me, instead he just gripped me tighter which kinda played into my deepest fantasies and made me orgasm. It was so intense that I cried after and told him I never wanted to cum again, though fortunately and after helping me see how ridiculous that sounded, he has since managed to convince me to change my mind. I’m lucky he loves me so much sometimes! Haha.


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I remember my first orgasms with my wife when we started dating. We were both 20 years old at the time and she was a virgin. We used to do a lot of petting, kissing, touching each other and I would go home with blue balls. One day she was playing with my cock and I couldn’t take it anymore and shot my load. She was so surprised but turned on and wanted to watch me every time we played around.

Because my wife was a virgin and grew up in a strict religious home she was reluctant to have sex, but we would do just about everything outside of penetration. She would give me a bj but finish me with a hand job. First because she like led watching me cum and second because she didn’t think to swallow was morally right. Well I remember the first time I orgasmed in her mouth. I let her know I was about to cum, even tried pulling away, but she went completely down on me and swallowed every drop.

Even though these were not my first orgasms they are my most memorable.


Yip… wanking for what seemed ages and then all of a sudden​:fountain:

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My first orgasm was solo.

I heard some men describing how they did it so that night I tried it out. The feeling was so intense that I thought I’d broken something. Fortunately everything still worked afterwards and continues to do so to this day.


@Lovehoney_Brenna .I take your point, but the question was first ever orgasm. For most members of the forum , i think it would have been under 18… perhaps i should have said , “i was probably under the age of 18 at the time.”

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