First holiday with boyfriend!

Hi guys, i'm new here! But I have anonymously read some of the threads before signing up for some tips! Basically I need some help. I'm 20 and have been with my first boyf for 9 months now and we're going on holiday together next week for the first time. I lost my virginity to him about 6 months ago and we've recently been trying new positions as it has taken us a while to get things right (it hurt a lot fo rme in the beginning and he struggled with delayed ejaculation - although we've recently sorted that out and he came for the first time ever in me last week!) sorry if this is tmi!

Anyway, my question is, how can i make the sex really exciting next week?! We have a hotel for 3 nights and the expectation is that we'll be doing it a lot, and it's the first time we would have been in a double bed together! Any advice you can offer for us would be wonderful! I've bought a few sets of sexy underwear and we experiment with flavoured lubes too. I find it very difficult to make him cum through a blowjob so any tips on that would be fab. I'm also curious about anal play but not sure how to broach the subject and how to start off.

I just want to make next week perfect before we both move away back to uni. Any advice would be amazing, thank you!

Have a cute romanticcy evening, y'know, 'cause you're on holiday! :) Get some alcohol and yummy finger foods. In the 3 for £10 deal at the moment there is an absolutely gorgeous massage candle and oil set -buy this!! I think you should make it as sensual and lovely as possible as you're both going away to uni afterwards. (Then maybe the last day just come out with the spontaneous kinky sex! -Just go for the anal play, you say he experiments! Force them is my motto! (I'm totally kidding, don't do that unless you can pull it off, I have a certain quirky niche) Just suggest it, guide his hands down there and see what happens. If you're serious about him you shouldn't be shy!) xx

Okay, thank you for the advice maltedmilk! We have tried with a few fingers in foreplay before although that was a while ago now. Not sure how he felt about it and hasn't done it since so maybe he's not sure. I don't know - we'll see!

Any advice on standing-up sex/ shower sex?! I really want to try this...

It looks easy enough but i think it might be a bit hard and end up ruining the moment if we can't get it right! x

Yeah I understand about ruining the moment but it should be fine providing you are fairly light or he is fairly strong.. But you can support your own weight by applying your pressure in the right way, try sitting on the wall with your back if that makes sense, rather than having him fully carry you.. Depending on your heights as well you might be able to do it stood up on one leg. If you feel yourselves not being able to get into position and it's offputting then just cover it up with kisses and touching.

If he's already had his fingers down there then it's not fully untreaded ground and you have the excuse to be brave and just talk about it! :)

I'm 5"7 and he's 5"12 so it might work, we shall see. I'm underweight for my height so it should be fine lifting me i guess. We just need to try it! I'm getting nervous and I don't know why coz he have sex regularly and are pretty open with each other. I guess I just want it to be perfect!

Any other tips for making it really romantic? I'm gunna get the oil and candle set too x

The most important thing with everything is communication. Make sure you both know what the other wants and likes.

With shower sex I would say try to have fun, laugh through any problems. We have tried several times with limited success but will try again as the experiance was still great fun!

I would suggest talking and finding a few things you both would like to try (toys/postions/anal play) and then try to surprise him with a few extras along the way.

Okay, thank you for your response. Very helpful :)

By surprises, you mean...?

Yeah just have him lift you then if he's strong enough it will be nicer as you'll be able to move your legs into different positions to adjust tightness etc, plus it's nice like a big hug! :) Just remember showers get slippy so make sure you're well balanced and careful! Also be careful the hot water may make you feel a bit faint.

Don't be nervous, communication really is the key. If it's so scary to be actually verbal, which is with me sometimes, try not looking him in the face when you're saying stuff, try snuggling up and having a good chat, or maybe writing letters. Building good communication and trust is a must though.

Romantic, I'm not massively romantic tbh, although I probably am without realising it... Obviously make sure your tummies are well rested from whatever you've been doing and you're both very comfortable. Candles as lighting is nice. One of the most obvious ones, plus it makes your skin look lovely and eyes twinkle! ^_^ Just get any old candles for lighting(unscented), then have your massage candle close to hand. The only thing you'll have to be careful of is if you have too many candles the hotel might have a super sensitive smoke alarm, so bear that in mind! Maybe you could use the lamp instead if this is the case. Sometimes they can be harsh bright light though.. Do they still sell those coloured light bulbs? My bedroom I use normal light bulbs but my lightshade is red and it makes a lovely glow, not red light district whore at all!
I'd have a selection of things to do/use and maybe have some method of order of use like a build-up. Bondage is always nice to get to know people I think as you can just pin him down and try stuff out and see what he likes. It's totally up to your tastes but I think it should definitely be a nice romantic night for you to have your full attention to each other, no phones allowed! :) Perhaps your room will have a nice view or you can go for a romantic walk just beforehand. Where are you off to anyways? :) xx

Wow, great advice, thank you :) yeah I think I need to work on confidence when communicating - we both really want to please each other so I think we sometimes hide when we're not comfortable with something because it's making the other person happy. I guess we just need to talk things through.

We are just going to a Travelodge (nothing fancy as we are students!) and going to Alton Towers for a couple of days. Should be fun :)

Charbelle the only advice I can offer here is you need to relax and calm down :D Your putting way too much pressure on yourself and that can't be a good thing at all. Enjoy the time together, have LOTS of fun, some things will work and some won't, but you won't know whats what till you try, As long as you relax the time spent together will be amazing and some thing you will both remember for good reasons. And remember if you try some thing and it goes wrong or doesn't feel right, then stop see the funny side to it if there is one, and try something else.

In regards to your youtube shower scene, if it helps me and my OH have tried this many time, our problem being I'm 5'5" and shes 6'1", we've made it work a couple of time but most of the time we end up collapsing on the floor, laughing and just carry on.

The fact your away together for the first time will be special enough and I'm sure everything else will work out.

Some very good advice here.

By surprises I mostly would mean lingerie he isn't expecting, or maybe a toy. Wouldn't go far from what you normally do though. Little steps and communication will get you further in the long run

Okay great, thank you guys, this has been helpful :)

Hi Charbelle There is a useful thread here on blowjob technique

I'm sure you'll find lots of opportunities to have a fun few nights away, whether in the Hotel room, on the balcony or outside (can't beat the thrill and mischief of outdoor sex)... You could try role play, airport strip search etc...French maid... or how about blindfolded sex it makes everything so much more intense, you could stroke your OH with an ice cube, a feather, lap dance him and then stroke him with your underwear before riding him

have fun :-)

the only thing i can say dont plan anything or try not to if it doesnt go to plan like it should in your head you will feel let down

hope you understand what im trying to say

Just go with thr flow and enjoy it x

Hiya, I'm just going to paste what I posted on another thread about this buy-

I bought the Monogamy set to use with my OH in a mini break at a hotel.

It's definitely something that brightens up a night and very much memorable. It has a mixture of romantic, sexy and kinky things involved. It was really just fun! They encorporate things like drinking a shot/or alcohol and stuff. It's handy to have some lube, massage candles/oils, basically stuff in the extras kit-

I really enjoyed it and so did the OH. I never thought he would get into it so much. He wouldn't let me kiss him more than was stated and everything. It really gets you fired up! I couldn't wait to rip into him towards the end. You could easily improvise on things too (if you're not willing to do some things).

Highly recommended. =)

The OH and I spent a week together in a hotel and even though I had a lot of sexy plans- planned, it didn't work out that way. We ended up watching tv a lot lol.

I did buy a couple of lingerie items. I'd advise looking through this great offer of 2 items for £30 offer-

Also, the game, mentioned above, and some essential sex stuff. This included lube and cockrings as well as a love egg/bullet. The starter kit here is perfect-

Flavoured lube is an excellent little investment. It made giving a blowjob so much more yummier for me and obviously a bigger turn on for the OH due to my enthusiasm lol.

You also have the option of adding a bit of beginner's bondage- like this bundle: You can easily sensually blindfold and tease him by trailed the flogger across his skin etc. It can be a very subtle form of bondage.

Of course this is a huge list- but they're ideas. I agree with the others- I wouldn't take too much and expect so much as it can easily just lead to disappointment. Arrange atleast one night where you'll prepare to have him right where you want him though and have your wicked way. =)

Hope that helps and have fun deciding (don't stress about it, make it fun and enjoyable).