first tenga cup

Hai,I am trying to buy a new tenga..I just want to know which tenga cup is a good choice..can it be reusable or cannot..which one is provide most graping tightening and suction..can you show me which one is the best to you all

I'm pretty sure most tenga cups are one use only.A friend of mine uses the Tenga eggs and is very happy with them.They can be washed and will last longer if you take good care of them.

only used the eggs so far and they have lasted me a good while, although designed for one use, if you look after them, you can use them multiple times.

I'd like to try the cups one day!

Ooo..when you use the egg it only provide a stimulation to the glan..does the egg provide anthing else..i want a toy that can provide me with the griping..can you suggest something to me..

The soft tube onacup is lovely, my OHs favourite, texture inside is lovely and you can alter the tightness and suction how you like

The tenga 3d.
Hubby has this and says it's basically almost same sensation as having sex.

My hubby's current favourite toy isn't on sale here yet lol as it was a tester ;)

Tenga cups are all much of a muchness, it's only the texture pattern inside that change he's as far as I can tell. you control the sucking action by blocking the air vent. I'd probably opt for a deep throat version if I were you.
With meticulous cleaning you could probably get a couple of uses but they are only designed as single use and are very difficult to clean.

I bought this one as a gift for my Husband, to use on him occasionally during foreplay, and he said it was very good :) x

I have this which is very nice used with a a decent quality lube, I use Liquid Silk

How about this? Looks like a Fleshlight/Tenga cup crossover and it can be used multiple times.Also- nice price.

what the difference between red and black tenga...

The textures inside are different, if you look through the pictures most of the TENGAs display the inside pattern, I haven't tried the flip holes so can't give any insight but would really recomend the soft tube, the inside texture is lovely even just fingering it feels great

Also the onacups are on offer at the minute, just £10, they're meant for one use but if you use a condom or clean with a cloth really well they can last longer, we use them for foreplay so OH doesn't cum in them anyway.

also, using a condom will give you practise with condoms and help last longer, the cups can be positioned between the bed and a pillow to thrust into (so I'm told)

the offer

what about the lubricant inside the tenga..after use do i need to washed with water

Some have their own lube, if you don't cum in it you can leave the lube in for next time, just add your own water based lube if it starts to dry up. If you do cum in it, add a little sex toy cleaner, or a tiny bit of soap to a cloth and clean it best you can, best not to add water as it's porous and will absorb it and they don't dry out very well, this is why it's best to wear a condom if you want to keep using the single use ones, it will absorb your cum and anything on your penis abc you can't wash them properly.

if you get one that's for continued use then you just wash them with soap and water if you cum in them

the tenga 3d is great because it comes with a stand. so you wash it out, turn it inside out and stand it on its stand to dry!

The flip holes seem the best in the business but for £65 it's just not an option for us

Hi jack123456,

I recently had this tenga, and found it to have some great suction, an sensations very pleasuring, but the only down fall in my opinion is I've always found that these toys are definitenly a one time use unfortunately.

Oh yeah just one more thing keep to check of is the sizing, because a least "3.5 inches" of my man hood gets left out. =(

Here's a link to the one i just had. ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

I find the tenga cups to be quite small too, there is a super sized edition for some though