First time with new partner nerves

Hi all,
I’ve been dating a guy for a while now and we are planning to spend a night together for the first time soon but we are both feeling so nervous. It’s as if we honestly feel that it’s just like our first time again. We connect on so many levels and none of us want to lose this or jeopardize anything or for there to be any awkwardness. Does anyone have any advice, suggestions or tips that might help with the nerves or make the whole experience better? we are both quite self conscious and lack a little confidence.
Thanks in advance


To be honest from my past experiences I wouldn’t worry to much about your first time with your new partner. Just have fun and relax. I think for most people and certainly me the first time with a new person is always slightly awkward and it’s a good thing it makes you nervous and excited. I personally like to get that stage over and done with. I want to know what they actually like and I want them to know what I actually like and that takes time with a partner. I think back to when me and my partner first slept together we got naked, shagged for a few minutes and that was it lol now we laugh about it because our sex sessions go on for ever, with lots of forplay, role playing and all the rest of it.
Enjoy it because that buzz you get of it being new doesn’t last long.


Thank you :blush:

Only advice i can offer would be relax be yourself and don’t force it. Enjoy your night together and if you’re both ready to be intimate then it will happen. Take it at your own pace. Im not a very self confident man due to my weight and previous relationships and my wife knew that when we got together but we took it at our own pace and nothing was ruined, now married for 5 years been together nearly 10 years and both still very happy together.


Thank you and that’s lovely to hear :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m with @Deanna32 both relax and go with the flow, make you laugh about it afterwards and just enjoy the whole experience. You can discuss afterwards what was good, bad etc and what you want to try. Communication is key.

Have a drink and have a laugh.
Remember it’s supposed to be fun - not building an IKEA flat pack unit!
Could you share this thread with him?

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Nothing further to what everyone else has already said just enjoy one another and don’t worry about anything !

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Try not to over think it. Especially for a guy that can be a problem worrying about pleasing someone or cuming too quickly. Maybe try to have a little bit of a chat or plan about it so you’re both on same wave length. Enjoy.

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As others have said just relax and both try to measure expectations: probably won’t be the best shag of your lives but the start of leading towards that hopefully. Enjoy.

Kinda sounds cute in a way! I’d just take it slow and see how the night unfolds with not setting any expectations for sex but still making an effort in wearing something nice incase the mood comes. Enjoy the time together and just see what happens.

I always say prepare for all eventualities but expect none :relieved:

@Softkitty30 - I think it depends on the plan as I am sure we would love the details on the venue, evening leading up to the night, etc.

I think for me and Mrs. Val., especially if you are looking for emotional attachment and something longterm, we both are WAY more connected when there is no alcohol involved. Don’t get me wrong as I’m not talking about a bottle of wine or a glass of something to lose some inhibitions, we just really try to not get tipsy or have too much when we are planning a sexual night together.

She enjoys it more and it’s not “sloppy” - I think we tend to be more sensitive to each other’s feeling and react in a way that is more intimate and slow than when we have had a few and become someone we aren’t. Have fun and make the experience something special with a clear mind.

Some fatherly advice…lol

We didnt make any plans or specific dates. We let it happen naturally. Snuggled in bed watching a movie I was gently stroking his hairy chest, him tracing his fingers along my neck…next we were kissing passionately and before we knew it we were having sex.
Glad it happened in bed because I was close to condoms and lube, so make sure you always have them to hand.
Good luck x

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First time is always jus a get out of the way! Neither of you are gunna admit you love toys or want your arse licked! You sound like you both really want each other which should quell your self doubt. Get it out the way so you can lie with each other after n really feel close together. The sex 1st time will lift a load off both of your shoulders. Sounds like you are both already on a great personality position, the good passionate sex will start shortly afterwards