First time

Hi ,

Just bought the fifty shades hard restraint and some nipple suckers to surprise the wife, I think she is happy!! not used it yet, tomorrow. she read the books now to give it a try!

Hello and welcome :)

Sounds like you're in for some fun! Good choices x

Hi and welcome
Hope you enjoy ur new items. We do enjoy the fifty shades range.

Hi there, and welcome to the forums :) x

Hello and welcome, someone is in for some fun.

Hey there, welcome. Love 50 shades!!!

Hi and welcome I have a few fsog items hope your wife enjoys them x

Sound like you'll both be having a lot of fun, I've always found fsog products Fantasic Quailty x

Hey , welcome to the forums :)

Good choices, hope ye have fun x

Hi and welcome :)
Be sure to let us know if it all went well! X

Great time, lovely to see spread eagled and blind folded, ultimately had to release legs for a better fuck. She Really got wet and loved be restrained and blind folded, good job.

Then did to me, Cow girl, finished released and doggy!

Could not get the latex cock sleeve on though!!

What to buy next?

Hi and Welcome to the forums!