Flashlight problems or just me?

Hi everyone I an new to the forum, but I been buying toys for a year now!!

I male, I am having problem with my fleshlight and other toys like the pocket masturbator! I can't reach climax even afer two hour with it!!! why this, I can reach climax by normal masturbation? but I am not the type to see doctors etc as I don't think my sexual health is important or is it? I am single too!


I dont think there is anything wrong with you. If you can orgasm during normal manual masturbation, then I dont think there is much wrong with you. There may be several reasons while you are not so sucessful with a stroker. The flashlight has a hard case, which I believe makes it hard to get more pressure, which is what some men like and need while using them. Do you need long time to orgasm while you are using your hand? Or you orgasm without problems?

Btw. Your sexual health is important. But it does not mean anything is wrong with you, if you have problems getting orgasms while using toys. My partner is not too found of male masturbators either, yet he does not have problems while using his hand or while having sex with me.

I have the same problem. Is it that you simply can't feel anything at all when you use it? After quite a lot of goes with it, I've gained some sensitivity and feel a sort of tingling feel - much like when you rub your glans when it's moistened up with lube or spit.

I can masturbate normal with the skin up no problems, but down and use lube sometimes that can be too hard too! but I find latex glove, very good to use :)

It sounds very similar to my experiences with the Fleshlight. I found that the tightness of the sleeve and the lack of firm, direct pressure on the shaft and head meant that I was feeling neither the texture nor any great resistance / "muscularity" to work against.

I think it just comes down to: some people masturbate using the same sensations as the Fleshlight provides, some don't. If it's not what gets you off, don't panic.

Good luck alwayssingle, hope you change your username some day.


oh theres been an update!

I refused to give in on it I am not going to be defeated by a cyberskin stroker! and gave it hyper-speed one-handed and worked like a treat! once I had some play with it in bed under the cover! But I did have a problem stay stiff but using the other hand at the base to keep in harder worked!

But the main problem now I have with it, I can't keep away from it! But first I got to fix the sqeeky bed other think its mice in the walls!

But thanks for all the help! I see the fleshlight is too "muscularity" for brute force or going too slow LOL so speed is the key!

Perhaps. I just try to angle it to get the most stimulation and vary the speed to get the most pleasure from it. I have noticed that my penis has become more sensitive and that I can feel the Fleshlight more than I could at the beginning. A LOT more. I literally couldn't feel anything in the beginning. In that aspect, I'm happy that I got it, even though I now need to pay an extra £40ish to buy a tighter fitting insert which is textured to provide more intense stimulation. Still, can't beat a damn good orgasm - or a few hundred...

It's not good though right now that you need to go 'hyper-speed'. I suppose that's what I had to do in the beginning, but didn't do. I'm sure it's just a sensitivity issue that's going on. People say it's because of the insert not being tight enough, but for me it's not that bad at all - I simply need to regain sensitivity.

If youre far more used to your hand than actual intercourse, it could well be that youre sensitivity is way off.

I'd suggest not using your hand for a week or two and just stay with the stroker. eventually it'll start to do more

What Eskimo said. I've done it - well... not completely hands free - and it HAS worked, which is actually pretty damn good in my opinion.