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So I got my husband a fleshlight when they were on deal of the day a few weeks ago. We came to play with it this weekend enjoyed it, but I'm worried we've ruined it. It is super sticky after play and washing and I'm wondering if that is normal.

Basically we were sent some oral gel to test recently which I love using on him, but I don't like the texture of cum so we find other ways to finish the job. This session we lubed him up (using the red tents lube) and enjoyed the fleshlight. Afterwards I used the lelo toy cleaner as I do all our toys and noticed the fleshlight is left super sticky. Think like the sticky glue they use in magazines to attach samples. Is this normal? I know fleshlight sell a powder to refresh them, but I was expecting this to be optional especially as there was no free sample.

We also may have had a reaction between the gel and lube so I'm worried this has broken it. Sob. Basically the lube became slightly foamy when I applied it to him and he said it got very warm. I'm going to test this again and will contact cazz.

So guys is this normal?

Argh should check my phone's auto correct.

Title should read 'help' not helper.
I meant 'red tenga lube'.

Try covering the thing in corn flour, cheaper than the fleshlight powder by a long way. This will get rid of the stickiness. Wash the powder off before using it again.


Also to say the gel says it's water based.

The Gel should have been fine - being a water based lube.

As Flaneur says - use Cornflour on the Fleshlight (that is what the Renewal power acutally is)

This is a bit like talc and should renew the silky texture. Make sure you try and coat the inside of the fleshlight too. This is natural for the fleshlight to become a bit sticky so fear not I hope!

Thanks for the reassurance!

No problemo

It is normal for Fleshlights to feel very tacky after washing yes and I know the transparent material used to create the Fleshlight Flight is worse than the usual material for going very sticky. I believe I read this in a review. I think my incendiaire, but not 100% sure. The review mentioned how sticky it goes after washing. Anyway, my standard Fleshlight also suffers from stickiness, to a lesser degree and Wildthing is right, cornflour usually brings the Fleshlight toys back to their original smooth feeling. Clean it with very mild cleaners. (I seem to remember someone saying that Fleshlight recommend water only, but I can't stand that idea myself lol. I use mild soap but I don't even think that is advised.Your toy isn't damaged though. It is just what these toys are like, especially those clear ones. I hope that is reassuring for you. xx

Edit: here is his review: http://incendiaire-reviews.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/flight-by-fleshjack.html

The last part mentions the stickiness.

Awww thank you Fluffbags!! We've only used Tengas before so was worried about the fleshlight! I have some cornflower so will sprinkle that on tonight. Because we were away for the weekend I didn't actually read the care guide but now we're home tonight I'll have a read up and see what they recommend regarding cleaning.

Okay so I've just ordered the fleshlight powder stuff using my OH points. :)
Have read the care guide now, and it basically says don't use anything other than Fleshlight cleaner. Hardly surprising they aren't going to recommend other products.
I'm just glad to know that we haven't broken it because he liked it!

The stickiness is quite normal, though it can be alarming if you're not expecting it. The transparent sleeves are so much worse than the pink ones in this regard. My pink sleeve didn't start showing signs of a tackiness until after a few washes, but the clear ones were like that right off the bat, and to a greater degree.

There's nothing wrong with storing then that way, but it can be difficult to get them back into the case, so the easy solution is to cover the exterior with cornflour to restore it to a like-new state. You can grab a huge box from the supermarket for pennies. Fleshlight renew powder is just cornflour, but you get a small bottle for a lot more money and it isn't worth it. Try not to get any inside the sleeve, else you'll need to rinse it out before you use it again, as lube and cornflour will form a paste inside.

When washing the Fleshlight you're only supposed to use warm water as soaps and toy cleaners can damage the delicate material. They do state that you can flush it out with an isopropyl alcohol solution afterwards though, and the advantage of this is that it evaporates much faster than water, so you have less drying time before you can store it away again.

Thank you for replying Lncendiaire! :) Like you say - it can be alarming!

Agree with the above post. The first time I ever washed my fleshlight and let it dry, it was just tacky and horrible to touch - I really didn't want to use it again - then I found out there is a seperate 'fleshlight renewal' powder you need to use afterwards. But cornflour works perfectly. Warm water should be enough to clean it, and always use a water based lube (as silicone based lubes will rot the sleeve and it will become unusable - but always make sure it is completely dry before powdering and putting back in it's sleeve. These sorts of toys are susceptible to mould if not dried and stored properly. Always air-dry them as well... if you use any type of cloth or tissue, you'll end up covering it in unnattractive bits of fluff and you'll have to wash it again!

It get's sticky with fleshlights original cleaner too. I had one of these and their own fleshwash and it got very sticky as well.

Thanks David & Morthius.

Must admit when I saw the DOTD bargain I didn't even consider reading all the reviews - I just knew I had to own one to play with my husband :) So when it happened I wasn't expecting it.

Morthius nice to know that - I won't bother buying some special cleaner for it. (It does freak me out the idea of *just* using water though so I'll carry on using a sex toy cleaner plus cornflour/fleshlight renewing powder - which has just arrived but I've yet to play with).