Fleshlight for a thick penis

I decided to buy the Tera Patrick Lotus, not only because I prefer her pussy to all the other fleshlight girls, but also because the lotus texture is the most life-like.

I started reading the info on the fleshlight website and they said to measure the circumference of your penis before you choose a fleshlight. They said the average is 4-5 inches but mine is just under 6 inches.

All the girls are the equivalent to a Super Tight insert so does this mean they will be too tight for me? I did read in a forum that a guy with a 5 1/2 inch penis could only fit into the wide part of his lotus.

Is the original pink lady the only choice I have? Has anybody else with a fat penis tried a Super Tight?



Woah! Apologies fella! My pooter has just gone all Lady Ga Ga on me!

Okay, what I meant to say was Hello At0mic and welcome. . . . .I feel your pain dude! Check out my review for the Nooner, here's a link to it. It may give you some insight.


Good luck!


If you're concerned about not fitting, have you considered buying a Tenga Flip Hole instead?



I'm sure the guys will be able to tell you more about them, but they fold open and then you hold it closed while you use it, so you should be able to get a more comfortable fit.

Yeah I've already looked at the Tenga Flip Hole but I'm madly in love with the Fleshlight.

I'm so tempted to take a gamble and go for the Tera Patrick Lotus. The original pink lady just sounds so dull being smooth and boring on the inside.

Go for it, I am around the same girth and love the Lotus. I chose the FLG Paris Lotus because it was on DOTD at the time. It is slightly tricky for me to enter, and the first inch or so is quite tight, although not uncomfortably so, but deeper in the lotus texture itself feels wonderful. I don't know if the different FLG models vary in tightness at the entrance, but from the pictures I would guess if anything the Tera model could be easier. Maybe someone else here knows?

BTW why were you thinking the Lotus is as tight as a Super Tight?

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dougy wrote:

BTW why were you thinking the Lotus is as tight as a Super Tight?

Because according to fleshlightuk, the Lotus and the Super Tight are both 1/2 inch (13 mm). In fact all the textured Fleshlighs are the same size actually.

However, fleshlightuk also say "Larger than average men often choose: Original or Speed Bump" which tells you that the Speed Bump is the biggest of the textured Fleshlights.

Contradictorily however, fleshlightuk also makes the following statement regarding the Speed Bump texture "The added height of the bump makes it the tightest of the textured inserts".

dougy wrote:

I am around the same girth and love the Lotus.

Please could you do me a huge favour and measure your girth for me about halfway down your shaft?

I think that 1/2" dimension is confusing. For the super tight it is indeed the internal diameter throughout the inner sleeve, but for the likes of the Lotus it is only the narrowest points of the texture that are close, yet these flanges easily push out the way, and the nodes are much wider, so the average diameter becomes more.

The entrance design is also a factor. The order of tightness is something like Butt, Stealth, FLG, Lady, Mouth. Also, when the entrance is the tightest part, like my FLG Paris, it feels like it produces a sort of cock ring effect, because while inside I get the sensation that I am swelling a bit bigger than normal. If that feeling is right, it could imply a fleshlight looser at the entrance would also feel looser inside too, even though that part was actually unchanged.

My own girth normally measures 6" at the widest point and 5.5" the narrowest, so halfway would be somewhere in that range, sorry I don't have a tape measure handy to be more precise. However I would of thought the maximum is what determines the limit to fitting into a fleshlight, rather than just considering half way which seems a bit arbitrary perhaps?

Ok thanks for your help dougy. I just ordered the Tera Patrick Lotus.

Do they become less tight after a few months of use?

I haven't had my Paris Lotus that long, so maybe someone else here would know that better.

The funny smell fades quite quickly fortunately, when brand new they smell like wet paint. By the way make sure you get a supply of water based lube because mine came from LH with only a little sachet enough for maybe 2 uses.

And definately warm it through first, makes it feel so real.

Yeah I'll buy some water based lube when I'm next in town over the weekend.

I'll post back after Tera's arrived and I've tried her out.