Fleshlight mini maid orifice

I have seen an orifice at the Fleshlight site the looks like the Fleshjack, but this one seems to be aimed at the straight audience as it has a small (non-penetrateable) vagina below the opening. Would it be possible to get this? Lovehoney has almost every other Fleshlight, so why not this one? :)

Also saw this http://www.3dsextoys.com/#adapter I have found it elsewhere in Europe, but I don't trust the resellers.

It looks stupid, but on the other hand it could be quite fun to try :)

I'm confused by the adapter

WandA wrote:

I'm confused by the adapter

Having had a quick look, my guess is that the adapter plugs in somehow and senses you're movement within the fleshlight, and then directs the action on screen to be in sync with your thrusting!

LoveHoney - Carly wrote:

The Mini Maid Fleshlight is on its way

Sounds good

Nothing about the interactive thingy? Sorry for double post

We had some samples of the adaptor thing to test a couple of years ago and it was - frankly - crap.

The software that it comes with plays low-fi rendered porn, which is OK if triangular jublies turn you on, but we didn't think it would cut the mustard with anyone who's seen a tit for real.

As for the actual sucking, well, it sucked for all the wrong reasons.

We might still have a couple of samples knocking about the office - will let you know if I find them!

Yes, I know that the accompanying software sucks, but that is not the why I think it is interesting. Heard about 3D Sex Villa?

In case you didn't spot it yet....


0.75 inch diameter though so it's like the original in terms of tightness (or lack of).

Can't be long before fleshlight bring out a 2 hole fleshlight. Like two existing ones merged together in slightly bigger case.

I threw away my fleshlight, it's got nothing on a flip hole!

I'm guessing that they aren't balls between it's legs?

heya i just checked it out and to be honest if it works its great, i would consider buying it

Plenty of reviews on the fleshlight Sing... have a read!

They actually did this! i dreamt of this concept a while ago, but wasn't sure how it would be pulled off. lol. glad somebody has actually realized it. (although i would prefer something more realistic to the fleshlight, don't get me wrong i love mine but am tempted to get a utensil race next). What's the programming and feedback like on the software? or is it still very basic? and does it send any tactile feedback to the user?