Fleshlight Wash Cleaner Acceptable for WeVibe Vector?

Basically it’s all in the title.

I bought a We Vibe and some lube but figured my toy cleaner would be fine, but just realised it’s
Fleshlight branded stuff, so don’t know if it’s alright to use on both my new prostate massager and also for it to go into my anus.

Probably very noob questions etc. but never actually used a prostate massager so just getting my head around it. And hopefully sooner rather than later!

Thanks all and sorry if this has been asked before. Gracias.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Is it this one?

If so, it should be fine, just make sure you give it a thorough rinse off as it has some weird ingredients. But honestly, warm soapy water is more than enough to clean the We Vibe.


Thank you Calie, yes that is the one I have already.

I’ll just use hot water and soap for the first time and invest in some proper cleaner from Lovehoney for the future. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I’m very greatful.