Fleshright v Vulcan

Ok im considering saving and buying one of these soon as i sort out one or two debts but before i wave the electroincal money in LH's face and await for it to arrive i was wondering if someone with one could answer some questions?

As some people are aware i was lucky enough to get a Vulcan Wet Virgina which i reviewd and have had some good times using! But, as ive used it more ive noticed a few things, the container isnt really that strong and bends out of shape a little, you get noise as you use it as air escapes (i never have finger over whole find it somewhat pointless), the designs needs a little improvement and the flesh like material has already started to tear in the opening (not a bif deal i know just thought i would mention it).

So i was wondering if the container of the fleshright was stronger (container and rubber material) and if it was less noisy or about the same?

Btw LH i found some the items odd that appeared when i typed in Fleshlight




Im guessing search just looks for items with fleshlight in the product post also i dont know how to change this text BBcode make my life easier =( < sorted self out after i changed links was orange and red!

Hi Mr S,

not used the Vulcan, but I have tried the fleshlight.

You may find my recent review of it useful:

Pink Mouth Speed Bump Fleshlight Insert&reviewid=33277#customer_reviews

Noise wise, it works pretty well, with a slight "sighing" noise depending on how the end cap is set (adjustable vacuum). I think the extra size helps, as there is more room for the air to compress inside it and escape through the end.

The container seems pretty solid to me and I've not had any problems with the rubber so far, but I haven't used is very "enthusiastically". All in all, I can see why its in a different price range to the other male toys I've tried, and is well worth the money IMHO.

MrSarcastic wrote:

They're showing up in the search as the first two have 'flashlight' in the description, which we have set as a synonym for Fleshlight. I'll remove them from the search. The third contains the word 'Fleshlight' in the description, but as it could be relevant, I'll leave it.

@Alice, thought that was the case Alice see some odd things on the site lol

@Hella, i thought it was about 100 uses i read somewhere? But as you said bigger u are the more strain there is not used it even 20times but noticed it was splitting as you said though cheaper product why i was thinking a fleshlight =)

@toycar, thanks for the link. Will have a read after ive done everything i need to do today probably this afternoon ar a stupid time in the morning lol

Oops i forgot to make a count chart sorry hella! Think i need to be punished ;) lol
Have a great day folks!

Hi all

Mr Sarcastic... these items sound great, especially the fleshlight... I attend quite a few parties, where items like these come out of the handbags and daysacks... what sort of parties you must think lol I know I know just enjoy life in the fast lane of swinging lol I always mention this site and promote the ladies and men of cos to buy from here... Since joining a week ago, I have loved the forum and made some really cook friends... and look forward to making more on here and reading these very interesting and exciting Articles... I attend alot of parties , seeing such items on display, and recently been a butler in the buff at a ladies hen evening at a home, where Love honey is definately on the cards, and saw some amazing displays, to which I had to aid on occasions lol... Look foward to trying out all these naughty item with my future with Love Honey hee hee

naughty thoughts and friendship in many ways wink wink

Mac :) x

my OH never used fleshlight but has vulcan vibrating one and he loves it, i love using it on him as well

Sounds like you have alot of fun cheeky and i do admit even though this is the only sex site ive used i love it people are so friendly here and always willing to help and offer there advice if they can.

Rach, i admit the vulcan is a great little toy especially for the price and its nice and compact, as cheeky has said it could easilly fit in a bag or something i was just wondering how they compared to one another build and noise wise etc etc. I'll find out myself soon anyhow i guess, still need read that review i'll get around to it later ive been out all day and up since 11pm lol

I think it really does depend on the type of fleshlight you are going for and how much you are willing to put into care. =)

I do have a vulcan toy, but I can't say i've used it enough to comment on the durability, so unfortunately I wont be a help there. Personally the list of pros and cons of the vulcan vs fleshlight for me were in the vulcans favor, however there were still pretty irritating faults with it that you mentioned. =)

I bought the standard sized Male Butt pink fleshjack (That was only reviewed for the first time recently, as I had returned my one before i'd really gotten into reviewing) aaages ago and I really, really couldn't see what the hype was about. Granted, it was enjoyable, but really I just found it more of a hasstle. It was bulky, noisy (though definately not as noisy as the vulcan. The noise is a whooshing squelch, and if you have the suction cap unscrewed at all then it rattles like nothing else), hard to clean, hard to dry, hard to keep in condition, since it aborbs everything under the sun including lubes, which it ate, and in trying to take care of it I believe I ended up degrading it. I'd only used it a few times and it had already begun to tear and little flecks of the material were comming loose. The case is very sturdy, so if that is your main concern then the fleshlight is a lot stronger than the vulcan.

However, it may well have been that if i'd have chosen a more interesting texture, It would have been enough to tip the toy over to being worth the hasstle. I've been tempted several times to give the fleshlight another go, but since investing in a tenga flip-hole (white) I can't really justify it. I'd also like to say that I live in a shared house and I really did not have much time when it came to taking care of the toy. It was a matter of getting it into the bathroom, rinsing it out, washing out the case and then rush back to the bedroom. I also did not have the cabability to allow the sleeve to air dry, so I did have to run a cloth through it. (Though I would like to say that air drying leaves the porous toy in a warm, damp environment, which is just an invitation to microbes)

Personally, I find the flip-hole a lot easier to take care off, clean, it doesn't eat lube and the sensations are amazing. It's also quieter than my old fleshlight, but it makes more squelchy noises so it still isn't quiet. The only thing I can't do with it is wedge it somewhere to use hands free, which the fleshlight was great for. Then again, the new tenga air models are out soon that have a fully hard case, so I might get one of those. =)

I don't have the equipment to test either one, but my OH has a fleshlight, and it's HUGE. You can watch some of the product demo videos to get a feel for the size. Unless you're John Holmes, you aren't going to bottom out in one. The container is a very thick, rigid plastic. Not having housemates, it's easy for him to wash, pat dry with a towel, then air dry in front of the fan before using corn powder on it and putting it away again. But when he doesn't feel like going through all that, he's more likely to grab a simple sleeve or just use his hand.

So, seems to me there's a lot of difference between Vulcan and Fleshlight, and it's just a matter of whether you want something that's a more permanent toy, but requires a lot more care and attention, and costs more money, or whether you'd rather go with Vulcan, where you can get two or three different textures for the cost of a fleshlight, but they are less sturdy and don't last as long.

Whatever you choose, have fun.