Flexible vs solid anal toys fitting?

I am new to anal toys (but I have used other things in that way before) and i just got this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=25463 . It is a buttplug with 8 insertable inches and about 5 inches in diameter fully pumped. I mainly care about width and not length which is why I wanted a buttplug. However I can't fully fit the whole thing, because of its length (I can fit enough to make it worth it and I enjoy it still). I was wondering if there was any way I could get it to fit all the way, maybe by positioning it differently? I know the rectum is curved and so I was wondering if that is why solid toys are hard to fit. I also thought that the flexible dildos that are longer would fit because they can curve along with the curve of the rectum. Am I right in my guesses or am I way off? I just want to know if I should buy any toys over 6 or 7 inches or not, and if it is ok to do so if it is a flexible toy. For example I really want this dildo http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=2481 with 11 insertable inches. Will I be able to use this dildo because it is flexible even though it is much longer than the butt plug I have?

Hi there, am not to sure about all the specifics but i can say from a personal experience that i started small and thru time and dif positions i was able to take more and more each time, because you are new to anal toys it may just be a case of trying different positions and allowing that area to adjust to the toys you buy, strt small and work your way up, worked for me, hope this helps abit.

i actuall find metal toys the easiest because of the reduced friction. i know this doesnt really answer your question but perhaps that is something to concider.

also, wow to that being your first toy. i was concidering that but decided against it even though i have had a fiew toyspreviously.

Is it true that a longer toy that is flexible, like the 3 bangs for your butt mega dildo, would still be easier to fit because it is flexible? Or am I just imagining this? It makes sense but I don't want to buy anything longer than what I have without first figuring this out.

I think if you have trouble inserting the whole thing, it might be worth buying a slightly smaller toy to maybe use before it? It may just be that you need to work your way up. Jelly butt plugs (if lubed up well!) are generally really easy to insert and offer a little bit more flexibility.