Flogger cleaning advice

Hi all,

Just used my new Sex & Mischief mahogany flogger for the first time today including on my partner’s crotch.

There wasn’t any care instructions on the product. Does anyone have any advice on how to clean/care for the nylon faux leather fronds?


Hi @kail235! I remember spending ages googling trying to work out how to clean when I got my first one! As its faux leather you can just use a mild soap and warm water (not boiling hot), then just leave to air dry. You can add a tiny amount of baby oil or coconut oil to keep it soft - helps to prevent the crinkles too! :smile:

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I usually wipe toys like that down with a toy cleaning wipe or a regular baby wipe.

Thanks @SexInTheCity & @Enchantress29 :slightly_smiling_face:

Will try combining both and use a flannel to wipe down the falls with a mild soap solution then plain hot water and air dry.

I always just use a small bit of anti bac hand soap with warm water and air dry. I only used my hands to clean but seems to do the job.