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How many follow Lovehoney on Instagram??


I do! :heart:


Not me, just because I don’t do social media at all, never have done, the love honey forum is the only thing I really do


Yes, I do too xx

Yeah I do but I don’t like the fb page. FB is a bit too gossipy with their ‘so and so liked this’ :joy:


We do

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I do! I like they have a lingerie one as well its good to see the items on different bodies.

I do , I also follow them on twitter and Facebook :joy:

I do! Thing is I see so many products I want to buy!

I do, but have been so busy at work and life that there is no time to even pop on IG.

Flicking through the Lovehoney insta page thinking ‘mmh, I wonder if that’s X member on the forum’ :joy:

I don’t follow them on IG but I spend alot of time on the forums which is surely better ha… also get their emails ha

Currently, the lovehoneyofficial has 196k Instagram followers. I like their latest publications. Previously, they had another content maker that spoiled their account’s appearance.

Now, with a new specialist, they’ve made a more stylish visual. edited by mod. Life at Lovehoney starts at 18 and link removed