foot fetish

hiya everyone, as the title suggests i have a foot fetish and what i want to ask is, does anyone know of any good sex positions that give me access to my partners feet while im penetrating her? also is there any good lubes, oils or toys that anyone can recommend for people with a foot fetish?

thank you

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I replied exactly about this on a previous post. I really enjoy making love with my OH with her feet on my chest, (secretly in a pair of funny slippers - she knows which ones! haha) then once the slippers are gone, then I will usually kiss, lick and suck on her toes - I'm sure she always realised how much this turned me on. I think/hope she likes it too?!

This position was really good as it also allowed lots of eye contact too, and hands free too, provided your partner is flexible enough to be in missionary with legs onto your chest / neck / face area. I am lucky..........

Missionary with her feet up, easy to kiss feet, suck toes etc.

cheers everyone, i will try what you recommend :)