For guys (and possibly girls): Can you sleep without sorting it out?

Sorry for the vagueness.

Last night I was in bed watching TV, and an ad break came on. There wasn't anything else on, so I decided to switch to Babestation, (yeah, I know) for a bit of entertainment while I waited. As depressing as that channel is, the girls on there are pretty amazing. So inevitably, a comfortable bulge soon formed under my trousers. It was far too late for a wank though, what with having work the next morning, so I left it alone, and after a few minutes went back to my program. Soon it finished, the bulge was gone, and not long after I fell asleep. Now, that makes me feel really good. Even a few months ago, if I was in that situation I would have had to sort it out and miss out on a lot of sleep. Now I feel like I have some control.

So, my question to you. Would you be able to sleep, or do you have to masturbate every time? Or is it worse? If you get horny in the day, do have to put your entire life on hold until you're able to release!? God knows I've been there, lol! Please note this isn't a thread asking do you need to masturbate to sleep, no matter the situation. Only if you're already horny.

Usually have to sort it out! I can fall asleep without doing, but its disturbed, restless sleep and usually wake up very tired the next day.

Yeah I know what you mean. I used to get that, so I would masturbate every night out of fear of that happening. Bad times.

Deal with it there and then I cant go to sleep horny

Depends how bad it is but ye i can forget about it and go to sleep without it upsetting my sleep too much.
If my partner was there id find it difficult to get to sleep without wanting sex though

If im horny then i deal with it, otherwise i end up lying there thinking about it and not sleeping

cant without ... ... or else i wouldn't sleep... sorting it out is better than sleepless nights...

I think it depends with me...

KinkyFuckery wrote:

Deal with it there and then I cant go to sleep horny


MrBumcheeks wrote:

On the odd occasions when I do get aroused, if left 'untouched' my erection subsides very quickly indeed as do all desires associated with it. It's very difficult to keep me 'in the mood' for long, so I can pretty much fall asleep straight away :)

Arousal rarely ends in orgasm for me.

Damn, is that like the extreme opposite? Do you mean sometimes you find you're unable to finish when masturbating? That sucks.

It depends on how horny I've been though the day. If I wake up horny (happening a lot at the moment) then I sort it out there and then. If the house is empty and I start feeling horny then I get really distracted so I have to sort it out. If I'm not alone then I'm not so distracted and the feeling quickly goes. If I feel horny in bed then I just deal with it, maybe get a video up on my phone if I have to. If I've been feeling horny all day then I can't sleep without masturbating. I've got plenty of toys to help
with that though ;) Sometimes the cleaning ritual helps me to sleep.

I've been very stressed recently so I usually feel like death every morning and some 'alone time' helps a lot especially when trying to sleep.

Yeah... it's just occurred to me that being horny due to watching porn, and getting it randomly throughout the day, like you Red Lightning seem to be describing, can be very different. When the feeling comes out of nowhere, it's a lot harder to get rid of. In the example I posted, it was a concious choice I made, and I knew what would happen. When I get the urge out of nowhere, though, I do find I nearly always have to sort it out.

I hope I'm making sense lol.

Got to deal with it as normaly i just cant sleep.

As kinky fuckery said - deal with it there and then

Me and my OH have been late for several things because we wake up horny and we have to deal with it there and then - otherwise we get grumpy and irritable for the rest of the day. There's been times where we have been so tired before bed but we've still gone at it because if we don't we just don't sleep right.

Having said that, in times of stress, the waking up horny/feeling it throughout the day, completely goes away. It's like we're bipolar with sex, some months we're at it like rabbits and miss all sorts, others we hardly touch each other haha