for men over 30 only- I got my teenage orgasms back, found what worked for me.

I did this only because of a recent message from woodworker under "how do you orgasm" he said that he does not have as good orgasms as he used to as a teenager. Yes i know that feeling and i got some of it back. over time this slows down and its not as youthful anymore. well i found a product that helped me.
i figured if woodworker feels this then perhaps a few other do as well. so im dong this thread to really help out those that feel this way. it worked for me and so im hoping it will for you to.

its called OGOPLEX.

now i did not see this site selling the product ( i looked) that worked for me and i have not tried any of the products in that list/category they had for health and i did try some other brands BUT this one worked so im telling you about it. It worked for me. you can try amazon as they do sell it OR just do a web-search. Or if honeypot begins to sell it on this site then all the better.

I went from 3-4 contractions at orgasm back to 10-15. i also got much of my volume back. Its worth looking into. I was very skeptical as i had tried 2 other before this without much results.. but ogoplex truly worked and i still take it to this day. it take about 7-9 days to start working but you should notice it when it happens. its made from a bee pollen extract. you just really being to feel more FULL and you pump more. it was a real wake up for me. it was very exciting to get that youthful orgasm feeling back.

so I hope this helps any of those who have this problem and want to get some of your teenage years back. this worked for me. i hope it does for you as well. let me know if you tried it or if you got it and it worked. I would like to know if this really did help someone.

Thanks for that. Unfortunatly unless I can walk into a shop and hand over cold hard cash I won't try it (Or if LH started to sell, maybe) it only took a couple of mins to find some reports of dodgy dealing specifically mentioning Ogoplex (not the product, just the sellers). Now that's going to be the same of any pill that promises to improve your performance.

Looking at what's in ogoplex, I'd guess the Zinc is the thing that's doing the job. I may actually see how much a zinc suppliment is when I pop to the shops later...

I'm glad you found something that works well enough for you that you'd want to share it with us, but I'm a massive cynic when it comes to buying pills online.

If I do ever stumble accross them in a shop I may very well be tempted to try them.

well perhaps you could have a sex shop buy them for you. if you have one around where you are ask them. i still say just buy it from and youll be fine. but thats up to you.

well i have been taking multi-vitamin sense i was 20 years old and it had the max amount of zinc you should have in one day. if that was it i would not have run into that problem. so i don't think its the zinc as much as the bee pollen extract they put in it. but you can try the zinc and if it works for you then all the better.

good luck and let me know if you ever find them, Im sure someone does sell them over the counter but finding them is the key.