Forum Tips Welcome for first timer

Hi all,

I have been using love honey for purchases now a few months and love it! However I have not used the forum yet, or any forum on-line ever for that matter.

Any hits and tips would be most welcome!

I know it's not ideal but the very best way to learn on forums such as these is either to first observe for a little while and see how interactions happen or just dive in and get corrected along the way. :)

Hi Tink_sixes, and welcome to the forums. Hope you have fun :) x

Hi and welcome.

One way to start is by playing some of the games.

Hi and welcome to the forum! :-)

Hello and Welcome :)


Thank you all for the welcome messages.

I did check the forum rules Staphanie, thank you, thats what I love about the whole site, so user friendly.

@capricorn13 - what games? is there a link?

Welcome :)

Hello and welcome ;)

Hello :)

Hello ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

I'd say watch out for Lovehoney Cazz or Lovehoney Jess or your sex toy drawer could turn into a sex toy suitcase ;) haha have fun enjoy and welcome x

You can find the forum games here:

A lot are about word associations or "have you ever..." type question games. As others before me have said, welcome to the forums. This is a great community to act as an introduction to forums as everybody here is genuinely very nice and respectful of one another. (:

@Monkeysnacks thank you for the link, I am looking forward to getting involved and picking up some tips along the way

@jeffngloria ha ha it's funny you should say that, we have just brought a lockable bag to hide stuff away from any prying eyes!

Welcome to the forum enjoy finding your way around 😊

Thank you, I have to say I have been joining in some of the games and things and people seem really open and friendly, it's been a good experience so far, I definately made the right choice by getting involved

Hello :-) You're in good company here on the forum

Thanks, I'm wondering if I should upload a profile picture, as most people seem to have one. Do you guys think it matters?

Hello and welcome! =D It's really friendly and happy here!

Oh and I personally think it's better to have a profile picture as it makes you more of a Pearson if that makes sence. :)