Free e-books on sex

I just stumbled on a link to a file share site that has a zip folder you can download with 30 e-books on sex topics like anal, oral, kissing, positions, tantra, penis enlargement etc etc. I've downloaded it and it's cosher, but I cant rate the content yet as I've not read it apart from the Kama Sutra ebook. There are no viruses and it's all in pdf format.

Here's the link for fellow OA members - share and enjoy :-)

(you don't need to pay anything, it's free - type in the security numbers and click "free" at the bottom of the page)


Just downloaded.

Looks like some interesting sex topic's. Will take alot of reading.

Many Thanks!

Thank you, I have just downloaded and had a scan and well the reading should keep me out of trouble for a while, before I get into trouble wanting to try this and that out lol!! My poor fella will be going to work for a rest bless him!!

i cudnt get this to come up.... help....
cud some one send it to me ?

haha this looks great bbg, thanks!...when you say you stumbled onto this...... lol :D