Free Pass

Have you ever thought about a free pass? The hypothetical idea that 5 people are on your list that if you ever met them in real life, you could have sex with them without consequences?

So… who are your 5?

I could give you 5 names @Natalie but you would not know them. Are you working on the basis that the 5 will be celebrities / well know folk?

Yep! Usually this game ia played with well known people

I only have one on my list.

Sigourney Weaver.


Yes, although the wife and I don’t have such an agreement in place.

The idea of these things is rooted in the fact that they’re never going to come true as you’re spectacularly unlikely ever to be in the same room as these people, let alone meet them, let alone have any kind of shot with them. I think if it ever happened to most people who have these lists, the other partner would go back on it so fast it would make your head spin.

But they can come true!

25 years ago, more for a joke than anything, a partner and I had such lists. We had actually called our relationship off when I moved abroad for work so it wasn’t technically invoking the list, but I actually met one of my top 5 through work.
Bizarrely we got along, went out a few times and ended up together for about a year before (once again, as with my previous partner) careers got in the way and we parted. The irony made me chuckle, less than 6 months before we met, she’d been on my list, a pie in the sky, out of reach sexy goddess.

Not gonna name her though as she’s still very famous and it would be totally identifying, sorry.

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Haven’t thought about it much, really. Certainly not enough to have a list of 5. In a world without consequences I’d take a taste of Emma Watson. :yum: Gwyneth Paltrow and Kiera Knightley would make the list too. And I’m pretty sure my GF would REALLY love to play with Jennifer Aniston.

Of course, in reality, the only things in life that tend to be free are bad advice, influenza, and litters of kittens found in a barn


Great choices!!!

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