sometimes i notice you get stuff free with orders,is that just promotional on things? only ask coz im going to buy the bathmate for £200 and wondered if you get free stuff of if i should wait until there are offers when you spend so much. anyone from lovehoney know?

I got an email offer today saying you can get a free happy rabbit (worth about £50 if I remember right?) if you spend over £40. Are you a student? If so you can get 20% off. Sometimes I get discount codes by email, there's deal of the week, and there's email special offers like the one I just mentioned. If you don't fancy the happy rabbit, it may be worth hanging off til you see an offer you like. I got a FSOG deep within vibe with my last order - I was thrilled!

we saw the rabbit to,but not now. this is why i was asking on here. lots to spend,be horrible to spend it then see a deal a few days later

As far as I've noticed, the spend x and get y free deals come up on a semi regular basis if you've subscribed to the email newsletters, so unless the item you want is being discontinued or something, you may be best holding off til you get a discount code or a free gift that interests you.

If it's not on offer - wait!
There will always come an offer to get something free or % off, the only risk is it going OoS.

just contacted lovehoney to ask,worth holding on for a few days if an offers on its way

I love the offers gutted though the rabbit goes off at midnight and can't order till early hours when wages clear 😥 x

Elle & em wrote:

I love the offers gutted though the rabbit goes off at midnight and can't order till early hours when wages clear 😥 x

I've heard you can do something with paypal so that it delays the money being taken out of your account. You could maybe try that. Otherwise try talking to live chat and they'll maybe be able to help you

i sent mail to them asking


Do sign up to honeymail as that is where all of our discounts and freebies come from- there is always some awesome things coming from there! 

Otherwise on-website offers is a little more difficult for Customer Care to help with as those are all done by the magical Online Trading Team! They do change very often (for example, sales, promotions, DOTW, items within the 2 for £20 to name a few) So for those you are best just to try your luck or be paitent! 

It might be worth signing up for foreign-language newsletters, too (if that's possible - I live in France and receive the French and UK newsletters) - last weekend the French newsletter gave away the FSOG rechargeable bullet vibe. Which is not something I would have normally bought, but I did order a few things from my wishlist to get it for free.

I'm beginning to wonder whether the huge amount of special deals won't backfire for Lovehoney - I'm very reluctant now to buy things just because I want them, I try to wait for a special deal or a freebie to get with them. Of course, then the freebie motivates me to order immediately, so I guess it works as intended...

Also it's worth checking out sex toy reviewers blogs and twitter accounts as they share info on offers you may be able to use =).

I made an order a couple of weeks ago, used my student discount and then after noticed i had an email with an offer where if i hadn't used my discount i'd have got a free rabbit. It'd have been nice to get something free but you win some and lose some. We always tend to look at things, give ourselves a day or two to think about it and see if theres anything else we want to get at the same time and then order. There's an offer most days so you'll tend to catch one of them.

It's just so sad when I already have the freebie in question - like the current rabbit.

Does any of you take freebies you don't need/want and pass them on to friends? I'm beginning to wonder about my sister's attitude to sex toys.

On the other hand, I've just received two shipments today, so I should have enough new toys to play with...