FSOG greedy girl vibe

Apologies for the moan but i just want some clarification!

i bought this vibe and got it monday. The instructions said to charge for 2 hours before use. I charged it for just over 2 hours (the green light was on when i unplugged it) and it seemed to work fine. Then this happened...

monday, roughly 20 minutes of use

Tuesday, roughly 30 minutes of use (it felt very warm to touch at the end!)

weds, roughly 10 minutes of use

thurs, roughly 5 minutes of use and then it stopped dead. Turned it on again and and it lasted about 2 minutes and then cut out again.

I assumed its flat so i plugged it in to charge, and it says on the description two hours of charge. Just spoke to someone on customer care as mine didnt seem to last long, and they told me that it needs at least 5 hours charging each time, not the 2 hours that it states on the instructions.

Has anyone else found this? I followed the instructions to get the maximum possible running time out of it but now im thinking i may have weakened the battery by not charging it for 5 hours? Also the lady on customer care said the vibe should get weaker as the battery runs out but mine is just cutting out.

eta its probably karma for me saying the ears werent exactly to my liking :p

i have this vibe and this has never happened to mine! i have gotten longer than 2 hours out of mine on the lower settings!

I notice mine does get weaker but only slightly and then cuts out! U get a lot of use out of it before it goes dead.. Regarding charging, I took mine off charge when it went green but I would follow what customer care say.. Its fairly powerful toy so it's understandable it could take 5 hrs to charge.

IrishRose wrote:

i have this vibe and this has never happened to mine! i have gotten longer than 2 hours out of mine on the lower settings!

+1 mine lasts ages x

Ok thanks, i will leave it for 5 hours this time, just hope i havent done any damage to the battery life by only charging for 2 hours initially (even though thats what the instructions said!)

customer care lady also said it would need extra charge if its been in the warehouse for a significant time, so i dont know whether it would need 5 hours plus extra just incase?

It reminds me of when i got my first mobile phone that needed 12 hours charge but i unplugged mine early because it said it was done and it never kept its charge as well as it should :(

I may be wrong, but I thought modern day rechargeable batteries didn't have the same issues with regards to taking off charge too soon killing the ability to hold charge. I remember having that exact problem with old mobiles...bloody annoying!

Hopefully yours settles down after a good charge.