Fuck Buddies

I just wondered what everyone's thoughts were about fuck buddies? good or not? have any of you had one before? was it good or did it go wrong. stories are most welcome

Have no personal experience of it to share, but here are a couple of threads for you......



I've just found out that my fuckbuddy has found himself a girlfriend. Actually kinda gutted :(

He wasn't really a proper fuckbuddy as we only got together when we went out drinking, next time I'd like someone who I have great sex with, can call up in the middle of the week when I'm horny and who doesn't want to stay the night :P

I think fuckbuddys are a great way to experiment and keep yourself sexually satisfied without emotions getting in the way. Though I think my emotions did get a little bit carried away... oops.

They are great but never last long, someone will always get hurt from it FACT. When you've spent x amount of time with someone on a very personal basis, one of you will start to feel more than 'i just want sex' human nature, iam afraid.

Best way to do it is to have a fcuk buddy for a short space of time, or find someone you hvae no attraction to, at all IMO

I have what I would call a casual sex relationship with someone. I would not call it fuck buddies because that is not all we do. We will meet up, chat and hang out like friends but we also have sex.

I think there is the risk of getting hurt but it is often how you go about things.

I have a pretty negative attitude towards fuck buddies. Mainly because it feels like it's me using a woman for sexual purposes. I guess I had a fuck buddy for a small amount of time and just didn't like it. It's like something we silently agreed on, though I didn't even want to do it in the first place. I guess what's been hurting me is that she was using me for sexual purposes and still did that even when I said I don't want to have sex.

Bottom line: fuck buddies simply isn't me. I seem to have a firm belief that sex comes with love, though it's obvious it doesn't happen like that some of the time. It's my own beliefs which I'm comfortable with. If I abide to my beliefs, I'll feel happy and comfortable.

Ginger Ninja Minge wrote:

I have a pretty negative attitude towards fuck buddies. Mainly because it feels like it's me using a woman for sexual purposes.

Can't women enjoy sex too?

Understandable if you personally don't enjoy casual sex - but actually, I find your statement a little more sexist that men wanting casual sex with women. I absolutely understand that's not how you meant it and I'm not having a go at all so please don't take it that way. Just pointing out the other side of the coin, mainly because it's interesting! :).

If a man and a women enter an agreement and are both happy with the situation then noone is being used - or both are but both are happy with it.

In fact - in my experience, my OH finds it harder to separate emotion from sex than I do because he expresses love for me through sex. But maybe that's just him.

Very interesting topic though!


Sorry, does sound bad when read in the wrong way.

To put it a better way, I just feel guilty when I have a fuck buddy. But now it feels like she just played me like a fool for her own pleasure. I tend to think better of other people than myself initially...

I'm sorry you feel that way. I think self confidence is so important. Self worth and self confidence. To respect yourself enough to stick to your guns if you don't want something. Sex can be so emotional and I think having self respect is the best way to enjoy sex - be it relationship or casual. Confidence is certainly worth working on imo :)


Before i met my OH , i swore by fuck buddies... no strings, no emotions, no problems, just hardcore fucking whenever you like and someone to play xbox with.. :)

I loved having loads of fuck buddies. It was nice to keep it non strings and go to the "banker" when I needed one lol