Fun Factory Duke or Naughty Boy?

I want to get myself a prostate toy for my birthday (8th Jan) , but I can't decide between the
Fun Factory Duke ( or the Naughty Boy (

Anyone have either of these or know which I should go for?


I know I'm going to give a biased answer, as I've been eyeing Cheeky Boy, but personally, I'd go for the Naughty Boy because it has a better, less clumsy shape than Duke, which I think would actually cause discomfort if anything. However, I've read that Naughty Boy et al. are iffy when it comes to shape. Works for some, not for others.

Hope that somewhat helps. I haven't tried either myself, so I won't be much help. Remember, there's the returns policy if you feel that it's not going to give you any pleasure.

Really it's up to your own preference, but from owning a Rude Boy I can say that they are notoriously tricky. I hated mine and sent it back because the shame made it unusable for me.

Take a look around at video reviews of it and see which one takes your fancy. When you can see the flexability of something and the scale compared to a hand it's often easier to choose.

i'd go for the naughty boy myself it looks less complicated and its cheaper too,or buy both and send back the one you don't like simples

I own a Bad Boy and find the shape to be a nightmare, so personally I wouldn't recommend anything from that range. I also didn't find the vibrations from the bullet vibe that powers it to be especially strong, and it only has one setting which is "constant" that didn't do much for me.

I've had my eye on the Duke for a while, so that's the one I'd be inclined to go for, even though I can't offer a testimonial on it. The shape just looks as though it will fit inside more comfortably, and it offers a range of vibration settings.

Just noticed my above post said shame made me stop using it! Hell no, it was the shape. Couldn't get the dam thing in.

I'd agree with incendiaire about the duke being muliti speed. It's also rechargable.

Rather mixed reaction there!

I think I'm going for lickmadick's suggestion, I'll get both and try the Duke, which I think might be better, and see if I'm happy.

Thanks for your advice! I'll make sure to review them to help others thinking this.

Anyone I have spoken to can't get on with the naughty boy, it just doesn't stay in place, therefore I would recommend the duke.

Besides, the naugty boy runs on batteries and has a single speed which isn't that good.

Duke is rechargeable and has speeds and patterns, to me that is certainly worth the price increase.

So any happy naughty boy users want to share their tips? I have one and it's very nice but I can never quite acheive a no-handed orgasm.

Anyone have any tips for the Duke or the Naughty Boy?

I'm prefering my Duke so far, but more testing is required for a full verdict I think.