funny question but after the snip does a man's cum taste different?

My hubby is having the snip on Thursday. We have 2 kids each and I have serious health issues so def no more children.

I was wondering will his cum taste different?

Hubby is sat here thinking I am loppy but i can't help but wonder.

I'm sure I've read somewhere that it does, but I'm not sure if it's right or not.

amandammmm wrote:

Good question..... I've never thought of that?!?!?

I always think of only fools and horses. When Del Boy gets scared about having it done and he said he'll be too scared to sneeze.... Lol!

not mentioning this to hubby....not planting any negative ideas lol

Had a snip, then later had it reversed. No feed-back to offer as my partner never gave any feed-back and I didn't ask for a customer satisfaction questionaire

I have had the snip. My wife said it tastes no different .

ithinkaboutittoomuch wrote:

I have had the snip. My wife said it tastes no different .


+2 :)

Cant say I noticed when ex oh had it done....but tbh it was probably because we didnt have a sex life past that point (and we didnt do oral) infact my answer is no use whatsoever lol!

My wife said it tastes much better since I had mine, judging by the amount I now get compared with before I will happily go with her view LOL