G-spot demonstration video?

Hi folks

After a few years of experimenting with vibrators,, I've ordered, as a surprise for the missus a glass dildo


My apologies if this has been asked before, but as this thing claims to be designed for G-spot stimulation, does anyone know of any demo videos? I've come across a few with real actors (so much sexier than with dummies) but really only using fingers.

I love helping my wife have penetrative/clitoral orgasms but we're pretty inexperienced with the big G. Does anyone have any advice or know of any good (and preferably sexy!) demo videos?

Thanks so much. :)

I think what your referring to is commonly known as pornography. I'm sure if you entered a relevant search word into pornhub or youporn you would unearth a whole load (no pun intended) of material

Yes, I am familiar with pornography. I should get a loyalty card just with 'Pornography' written on it and 15% off the internet.

I was rather looking for something more...guided...than just a practical demonstration. If I could copy from the internet just by watching, my living room wallpaper would be straight...

No I doubt there isn't anything like that out there other than porn, there are many books that cover all sexual positions and activity but I doubt there are information demonstrations on the likes of YouTube...

Have you tried the various techniques that are stated in books or other reference material? A good tip whilst having sex would be to put a pillow under your partners lower back and you can hit it fairly naturally that way :)

A little search or YouTube http://youtu.be/0nYM8vIv_KQ

Nick, thank you. I'll get in about that today. :)

god this is stupid

men have to learn to please a woman but a woman can please herself
im a vergin right and it took me a while but i hit it, i suprised myself xD
you need a book, omg this is funny xD
i hope i can find a guy 1 day that i will love and i wouldent mind doing a lession in that department.
i get sick of seeing vids of MEN saying how its done when a woman on her own should do it lol its not difficult.