G-Spot vibe recommendations?

Next week I plan to treat my Fiancée to a second-Birthday. She's had a terrible time so far this year, which ruined the usual one for her; with some luck Birthday-2013mkII will be a good way to really indulge, lavish and generally cheer her up.

As such, I have been browsing G-Spot vibes for several months to add to her modest toy collection. There are just so many! Despite reading all the reviews on LoveHoney, It seems beyond me to come to some sort of conclusion one way or another, given all the variations on size/functions. Which would any of you recommend for under £30.

She's sceptical about the existence of a G-Spot and so wouldn't usually entertain a toy designed for that purpose...but it's worth a try just incase she does like it after all.


Here's an article I wrote: http://erotica-uk.com/top-g-spot-toys/

I recommend the slim-line G-spot vibe by LH for couples play as it has a long shaft and would be easier for someone else to use on a reciever.

The G-spot, there's a lot behind it, and not just the theories. The G-spot is made up of multiple muscles, glands, vien, nerves and more. My favourite way of thinking about the G-spot, is that it's everything working together, and in 'Read my Lips' A book by Debby Herenick, the same way of thinking is ecoed.

There's also debate that some people may not have the same things what a 'normal' g-spot conists of, yet theres still so little research that we can't actually say what is normal or not when it comes to this sweet spot.

Some women don't have the same amount ofd skene glanes, then some nerves in the area are randomly places, then there's a bit part about muscle flexibility.

Flexible PC/ kegel muscles help... this doesn't mean strong, the person needs to have control over them, because not everyone has control over their strength.

The questions you have to ask is why are you looking at G-spot toys when she's doubtful about the g-spot. Part of g-spot toys and play working if that the user / receiver can tell or have some idea about their body and acceptance of the G-spot, which helps them focus on feeling the insertable product and positioning it during play.

But also what will you do if you turn up with a G-spot toy and her beliefs are so solid that she's not even willing to try it. It may be better to buy a different shaped vibe, a clitoral one, or even a couples toy.

Thirdly, during G-spot play when playing with a partner, it better that she feels comfortable beforehand so she can communicate. This is not only important for the emotional side of your relationship, but also be able to tell you when things don't and do feel right. It's so easy to cause bruising in the vagina and general discomfort.

I haven't tried it myself but I have heard amazing things about the Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibe, and especially that it's great value for an effective toy.

I'd also really recommend glass for great G-spot stimulation the firmness and the pressure that it exerts works wonders on the area. I wrote a glowing review of the Glass Intimo Megumi Snake which is a really luxurious toy that I couldn't live without! I too was a G-spot sceptic until this beauty showed up in my life.

Enjoy your celebrations!

G-spots toys are a bit like rabbits, how well it works depends on how well it fits the woman in question. And the only way to find that out is try them. So you're absolutely right to be confused at this point.

Slimmer g-spot toys tend to allow more leeway in positioning though, so I'd suggest starting out something on the slim side.

I can't recommend Lelo's Ella highly enough. It's a dildo rather than a vibe, has two very different ends and is lovely all around. And it's only £25. IMO, it's a no-brainer for a gift. Feels far more luxurious than the price would suggest.


The downside is that you can't slip it out and use it as a clit stim if she's not having any of the g-spot thing. Can you afford two just now? The Tracey Cox one Lucy suggests might make a good companion.

I have Tracey cox Supersex Vibe - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=24372 the one Lucy mentioned it was the 1st G stop vibe I brought and I like it alot as it have 7 settings so you can play about with it until you find the one that suits your OH & hits the right stop .

But I am glass lover all the way I find this hits the spot perfectly , T has review it and its truly amazeballs I hit the roof every time with it & its great for squirting too http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=24235 .

I hope you find the right toy you are looking for there is a great buyers guide here - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/vibrators/g-spot-vibrators/

Thank you all for your suggestions.

At the very least you've helped me narrow the choices to two, which naturally is much easier. The dildos look great as well.

Rose hip

You're right about Rabbits. Alex has two of them from a high street shop five years ago, both slightly different. The straight/larger has no effect per vaginam, but is great clitorally; likewise the curved/slimmer is wonderful p.v but not clit.

Not sure she'll appreciate a dildo as well just now, though doesn't have one, or as far as I'm aware ever has (good a reason as any to get her one). However, for years she has really craved a toy to use on me (I have no interest alone). Trying to be judicious, the plan has been: one for us + one for her/us. That said, the Lelo is very tempting. If not now then in future.


I have had a number of robust discussions about the prescence of a G-Spot many times professionally (well, sort of...with colleagues anyway). This thread probably isn't the best place to debate the subject, nevertheless, if you'd like to discuss it further I'd be happy to elsewhere. It's still interesting even if one does not entirely agree. For that reason I can't answer your questions properly other than to say: natural scepticism does not negate a change of circumstances or opinion. Lucy has evidenced this.

There are many other reasons why Alex may enjoy it.

I would recommend glass. I personally prefer it for g-spot play because its obviously completely rigid which helps if you need firm pressure, but it also glides without causing any drag at all. I do enjoy firm silicone too, but I cannot play as long due to the dragging sensation eventually causing discomfort. (Even with plenty of lube) I just personally seem to get better sensations from glass for g-spot play but for simulating penetration or feeling fuller, I go silicone.

Anyways there are a lot of fab toys available but I would say the ones with curved shafts will help hit the spot more directly and you want it to have a bulbous or wider head preferably too. Vibrations make no difference to me but some ladies much prefer a g-spot vibe to a dildo.

Anyway good luck in your search x

Glass girls rule !!

Hi Mr Socks.

You may consider LoveHoney's Satisfy me curve silicone dildo. 32633. Yes i know that you said G spot vibrator but the dildo is just a thought and it is wonderful SERIOUSLY WONDERFUL.

XX. If not code 9020 OR 2008 slimline vibrator is brilliant and takes rechargeable batteries.

Hello again,

Thank you for your further suggestions — they will be borne in mind — and gratefully, vibe-wise it's still only two to choose from.

As for dildos...they will definitely be a future purchase as I'd better play it a little safer pro tem. When Alex got home from work last night, she was decidedly more delicate than when she'd left for...so too much choice at present is going to really throw her.

I take your points about glass vs silicone re resistance. Are they reasonably durable if dropped? Silicone may seem safter in this respect.

She's quite clumsy and had a rather grave injury several years ago resulting from broken glass, and understandably has been quite neurotic about it ever since. So much so, when she dropped one of our glass espresso cups a few nights ago, it was nigh on impossible to pacify her.

Generally glass dildos are made from borosilicate glass (Think Pyrex) it has been strengthened during its production but no it is not invincible and although it wont break during sexual use it can break if exposed to rapid and extreme temperature changes or sudden impact (Like being dropped from a significant height) There have been loads of tests done which show these dildos can withstand x amount of pressure and y amount of impact and it all boils down to saying "They are very strong but not invincible" If your toy was to break, it would crack into chunks rather than splinter into shards. I have dropped my glass toys so many times lol, I always check for chips or damage if I do drop them but I have not caused damage yet. Its possible though yes.

If you like the idea of silicone, and a toy that vibrates, as well as hits the g-spot you could check out the Lelo Ellas vibrating sister, The Gigi:


Its a rigid toy (Like glass but not) and it has a luxurious silky silicone skin to it. The lelo Ella dildo actually has some flex to it while the Gigi is completely firm, yet with a soft layer of silicone. I own the Gigi, it also doubles up amazingly as a clitoral vibrator. It will and does also hit my g-spot well but I sometimes find the flat head a bit uncomfortable up behind my pubic bone. Its rechargeable too. Best to read the reviews to get a full picture. Its definitely a good option though and probably a good "all rounder" Problem is its not in the £30 price range, meh sorry i couldnt help any more.

Had a feeling it would be Borosilicate (i.e Pyrex). That's going to be a tough one to sell.

It was an oven-proof dish that caused the injury. It just broke into large shards when taking it out of the oven; the dish was old and well used, so chances are it had severely degraded over its life-span. For a brief moment we mourned the loss of a lovely rice pudding until I noticed the blood streaming down her leg.

Yes, that does look as though it could cause a fair amount of discomfort to/behind the pubis, especially if narrow.

Thanks Fluffbags — don't worry, all of you have been perfectly helpful and naturally I am very grateful.

If you stop in today, check out the DotD Mr Socks. It's a very well-rated G-spot dildo for £7.50 (LH's Satisfy Me Curve). I don't have one, but from the description and reviews I think it's more or less comparable to the Ella. It's certainly within budget. :-)

One of the things I've found in experimenting is that there are two main styles of heads used on G-spot vibes and the rounder shape works much better for me. But the other shape is very popular and those vibes have a lot of great reviews, so I think this is one of those things you just have to try out. From what I can make out in the picture, it looks like the Satisfy Me Curve has one of each.


Hi, if it helps.... I dropped my LH wave glass dildo down the toilet yesterday.... It made a horrendous clanking sound, I was sure it would have broken, but no chips or cracks at all. You can only guess what I was doing sitting on the loo with that beauty;)

Hi, if it helps.... I dropped my LH wave glass dildo down the toilet yesterday.... It made a horrendous clanking sound, I was sure it would have broken, but no chips or cracks at all. You can only guess what I was doing sitting on the loo with that beauty;)

Thanks rose hip. The basket and check-out wouldn't load for me yesterday, so sadly just missed that one. Will look out for it again — could be interesting. Am still considering the Lelo by the way. Showed it to her last night and she definietly likes the appearance (not keen on anything aestheticically anatomical — it also freaks her out a little, given my profession).

Eventually I bought Nymphomaniac's suggestion, if for no other reason than dithering on the LH Slimline and the TC. Flipped a coin and went for the former. Fiancée likes the simplicity of the controls and seems rather enthused about trying it. Overall, possibly a bit of a winner!

LJ30: I have a very active imagination.

We will have a think about the glass versions, but at the moment she really isn't terribly convinced. Thanks anyway.

think I've just brought this, excuse me butting in, me too sceptical but look forward to trying it out.

KinkyFuckery wrote:

But I am glass lover all the way I find this hits the spot perfectly , T has review it and its truly amazeballs I hit the roof every time with it & its great for squirting too http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=24235 .

I'm currently playing with the G-Whizz, but I think this might have convinced me to finally give glass a go.