gates of hell/ arab strap eh?

so. I have a cock cage that mrs bugdude bought from aother site and it's purpose is obvious. I'm intreagued by arab straps and gates of hell, but don't see their purpose. are they intended to be worn during penetration, or simoly a torture device?.

The idea, from what I can gather, looking at the gates of hell device, is that you put it on while flaccid or semi erect. The large loop fits around the testicles to hold it in place. Now, as your lady or male friend teases you and your erection grows, the penis will fill the rings, and they will begin to feel constricting and tight around the penis, squeezing it as you get larger.

It is a chastity device of sorts, that is designed to make you feel uncomfortable if you get an erection, (Therefore making it difficult to masturbate and cum) so sadistic dominants could get a kick out of placing this on you, and teasing you and making you "suffer" :D I cannot imagine or see it being used as a long term chastity device and I cannot see it being able to stop the wearer from touching and playing and reaching orgasm (Although no device is fail safe at stopping this)

Can you wear it during penetration? Hmmm. Looking at it, I would say it is not designed for penetration due to the leather straps along the top. Leather (I think) is porous and would soak up her juices and could cause infection if not sterilized properly somehow. However, I guess this will be personal choice. Some other devices are not "suitable" for using to penetrate, but people still do. Just check it when you get it, make sure the rings are joined tight and secure, with no risk of losing any "parts" of the device inside her. Check to see if the leather can be cleaned properly etc etc. My theory is, no it is not designed for penetration and probably not ideal for it, but it would be possible.

Hope that helps x

I have one of these:

As fluffbags says as you get an erection your penis will fill the rings making it uncomfortable, it is a tease, simply because the harder you get the more painful it is. I have had some amazing orgasms wearing it though, a mixture of pain and pleasure.

I have never tried penitration wearing it, simply because I think my OH would run a mile if I even suggested it, as I don't think she would like the idea of the rings and the leather being inside her.

A word of warning, do not do to sleep wearing one of these, I did once after a few drinks and woke up in the middle of the night, with a very painful night time erection, it goes without saying that these devises can not be removed while you are hard, so it can be a painful time while you wait for things to subside as I remember only too well.

I would recommend it, for a tease, and a bit of pain and pleasure, but it does need to be treated with respect, I had ring marks for a day or so after my night misadventure, not pleasant.

Bought the "5 Gates of Hell" a month or so ago. Absolutely love it and so does my partner.
It was suggested by her that I made love to her wearing it so I did. She lubed me liberally and we began very, very slowly. It was intense for both of us and both of us achieved incredible orgasms.
Needless to say the "5 Gates of Hell" are always to hand when we want something intense.
A few words of warning if you do decide to use for penetrative sex... Lube up well, be sympathetic and go slow on entering, during and when exiting. As for cleaning and preventing infection we give the device a good steam clean in an old rice steamer (no longer used for rice I must add), wrap in cling film and put in a "ziplock" plastic bag.
If your partner is willing to try please do, the experience is incredible.