Gay men

Hey, any gay mens here? And what recomendations for anal sex toys would you give. Also what is the best product to shave you ass? Cheers


Answers to your questions

1. Some

2. check out LH range and dive in and buy.

3. a razor.


I'm not gay but I feel like enjoy anal play enough to weigh in.

Generally I find that toys depend hugely on the person, mood and type of play. If it's something you're using by yourself then suction cups are always a bonus. Curved dildos can also help to hit your prostate a bit better ( Generally I'd just say have a browse through the catalogue and see what catches your eye!

As for shaving, I just use and old electric razor (I have a newer one for my face) to trim every once in a while. I prefer this over a wet shave because I find the razor bumps too annoying.

For special occassions I use a shaving powder (google it). These work by breaking down the keratin in your hairs, basically allowing you to apply it and use a face cloth to scrub off all the hair 10mins later. I wouldn't recommend doing this too often as they do only recommend using it on your face, and it certainly leaves your skin feeling sensitive down there for a wee while! It gives a result very similar to waxing though, at 1/10th of the pain!

Hope I could be of some help! ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Hey joseeeg, sexual orientations really doesn’t seem to be a thing on the forum, you have plenty of straight/bi/gay etc people and most seem to sway between the lines. You also have singles, couples and open relationship types so plenty of diversity for everyone.

Anal is a hot topic so if you search for the word your going to find a lot of recommendations and advice:

Toys that I can recommend for anal are as follows:
Slimline realistic 6 inch toy:

Booty buddy butt plug:

Butt tingler:

Also a second note we can all help a little more if you let us know the following:

How big do you want to go length/girth?
Realistic or non realistic?
Vibrations or no vibrations?
Anal penetration or strokers for your penis?
Plug or dildo?

I've always used Nair hair removal cream,I get mine in the £1 stores,it can sting if you've never used it before especially if you do cock n balls aswell but it doesn't seem to sting much nowadays,leaves a lovely smooth finish but does tend to clump up if you have longer hair so best to trim beforehand if you can.

With Lovehoney offerng a wide range of products it can be difficult in choosing. every person is diffrent. I would advise that if you are new to all this you might want to go for around 4.5 -5" girth and around 6" in length, I ighly recommend the 6" basix dildo with suction cup. it is also important to use a good lube. Again i highly recommend Lovehoneys wide range of lube and sex enhancers.

Good luck i hope you find what you were looing for :)

I just use a razor to shave down there; I know it sounds like it would be risky, but the skin isn't thin, so it doesn't break easily. Just go to town!

I'm actively bi and enjoy anal. As mentioned it really depends on how experienced you are as to what you you'd want.
I use the Renegade Monster out of the anal dildo section on here. It offers lots of length with a slim shaft until the last inch or two. I can insert the whole 11.5 inches but took some time to get to that point. Anal can be a slow steady process.
I've now moved on to bigger girth dildos but definitely not for a starter.
As regards shaving, I just use a standard disposable razor. Does the job fine on bum and balls with a little care.