Getting a bra white again

Does anybody know any tricks - or products - to whiten a bra that's gone grey over the years? I'd like to avoid replacing it as it's my best-fitting - and most expensive - one...

Well I suppose it depends on the level of greyness as to how successful it would be but Dylon do a lingerie whitener .

I had an amazing bra. I got fitted for it and it cost a fortune so didn't want to throw it out. I tried steeping it in a bleach solution but sadly it was still dull. I went he opposite way and dyed it navy blue. It gave it a new lease of life.

Smart idea to dye it RosyCheek (your name is also in my autocorrect) 😄

I agree, dying seems better option, and then treat yourself to a new white version too

What about the stuff they use to brighten net curtains?

GloWhite? I think they still make it (Wilko had it in last time I was in the UK) and it's worth a shot. Dying it would also be an option, if you're not in desperate need of retaining a white bra.

If you get it white again, and to keep other whites white, I highly recommend those colour catcher sheets and adding bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) to your wash.

Makes me feel special Sxleksaker 😘

Colour catchers are fab as Lillybeth said. Net curtain whitener I'm not so sure on. It is great for taking yellowing out from nicotine and kitchen grease. Could be worth a go as its super delicate.

Go purple!

I've given up on white lingerie completely for this very reason, it drives me nuts when it goes dull! I think dying it is a fab idea though.

My bra has quite a high proportion of polyester and I don't know where to get dyes suitable for it (neither supermarket dyes - which I haven't had a lot of success with even on cotton up to now - nor acid dyes will do).

So far I've tried washing soda and true soap (two tips from a French web site) and I'd like to try UV treatment, but the sun doesn't cooperate. But it's actually not all that bad.

By the way, that was the last white bra I've bought, but it was a tiny bit better fitting and more comfortable than the beige one (beige is much better for being invisibe under white blouses) I bought at the same time.