Getting used to larger!! >.

Sorry I put this in the wrong place before.

While I've had a few larger than average toys in my toy box over the last year, I recently bought a real monster. A 15 inch dildo with a 3 inch diameter. It didn't sound that large...then I saw it! O_o
I managed to just about insert it all they way, but I was very uncomfortable for quiet a while afterwards.
And I'm too afraid to try again.
I'd love to master this new toy. But how can I get used to it? Previous toys haven't stretched me much. Can anyone recommend anything I can use to work myself up to using it again? Any toys you can recommend?

Never mind. I've found a solution.
Its called a John Holmes realistic dildo <3
I'm gonna slowly build my collection until I can take on the target practice toy again. ^_^

We have the target practice dildo too it comes out for special times when the smaller dildoes just dont fill her up, but she never takes it first off we always warm up with a 2 inch first and then move on to bigger things, the target practice always does the job leaving her pussey ready for real cock to finnish her off, and what a feeling it is you guys dont know what you are missing and no big dildoes dont ruin a pussey .
A top tip is to place your dildo in warm water before use to warm it up its the only way to use a dildo.
I dont think we would ever really want to go bigger than 3 inch thick its just nice to have it there for special moments after all where do you go from 3 inches thick so we dont ever want to be totally comfy with this monster more fun that way .
However when it comes to anal use it looks like 3 4 5 6 inches thick and up is the norm forever chasing girth where do they stop !

I found using smaller dildos and working my way up to the target practice toy worked for me.
I'm still kinda new to anal toys, so I'm sticking with the smaller ones for now. No bigger than my boyfriends dick. He's always complaining that he wishes he were bigger, but to me he feels huge! >_<

Lots of lube.
Only used a 2 inch (and that was scary lol) but can't underestimate lube lol.

You could try using an inflatable one to slowly work your way up :P

They have it in 4 sizes...small, medium, large and MONSTER!!

inflatables are fun. nice to inflate a little and fuck a little and so on so that the pussy is slowly stretched. clit rubbing while dildo fucking is essential for multicumming too. have fun dildolovers

I'm guessing whatever size you're going up to, patience, buckets of lubrication and a relaxed atmosphere will help :o)

Inflatables are really amazing, and the perfect way to work your way up. I have a medium one, and it goes to the size of my fist.

I've just received my inflatable one. It's amazing! They really stretch you out.

Just one thing - the medium inflatable I have tends to blow up into a balloon shape at the top - leaving only the tip really to fill you up internally - still sensational for me as I'm very small - but perhaps I'm doing something wrong?

Don't worry Andy'sgirl, the one you have I reckon I had also and it did inflate at the top more than elsewhere. changed it for the Monster one instead and no problems there (except that it's huge!)

Inflatables?? What the heck are they? Any info greatly appreciated.

Mr.Naughty suggests you might like to start off small, like a rolling pin smothered in goose fat and then work up to a well lubricated marrow!

rolling pin, small??? EEEK!

My man did ask me this morning to buy a giant toy for him to use on me O_O

Inflatables are dildos or butt plugs that you pump-up for a complete-filled feeling.
There are quite a few different ones available - as with all things, start small and work up!
Here are links to the LoveHoney sections where you'll find them:
Quite a few of the dildos have been reviewed already - lots of fun to be had, it would appear!

As that very wise man, BBG once said, the inflatable dildos are impressive. bit like Space Hoppers!!! but dont forget you insert them before inflating. The "balloon" is therefore inside you where your feelings are sometimes not that great. What you may be looking for will be the fab stretch brought on by the solid dildos !!! if you want to discuss further, tips, pointers etc. Believe me though you can redecorate the walls with your spunk- fab ejaculations !!! Bon Chance xx

Something like this Tallboy?

Lol :)

Wow- could make guys obsolete, and l honestly don't work for Lovehoney. Yep that's pretty much what l had in mind ha ha

Not quite obsolete... bouncing around on a Space Hopper isn't really a match for bouncing on my bf, lol :) Although it does look fun!