GF wants chastity

Hi everyone I’m new to posting but long term LH customer.

My GF (long term) is interested in chastity (for me). I’m open to it, it does turn me on but I have a couple questions that I can’t find answers to.

  1. has anyone experienced using cages and then had issues getting erections after? I know not to use them long, it would only be 4-6 hours at a time but say 6 months down the line will it affect size and strength??

  2. are they visible through clothing? If I go cycling or to my running club in shorts, will it stand out?


Hi there @Sayandkay and welcome aboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s an excellent chastity diary thread by @Senator and @Rockstar which will prove very informative:


For your specific questions -

I have been in and out of chastity for the last year or so, currently back in with 22-24hrs/day, releasing only for shaving or sports. I have not had any issues getting erect when not in the cage nor have I noticed any changes in size/girth/rigidity. There are some hardcore chastity wearers at chastitymansion who have noticed shrinkage over many years (which has been their goal), however others have commented that the penis does recover even after years of constant wear.

It would depend on the clothing. General consensous is that a cage is not practical for bike riding. This is probably because it pushes your testicles forward and out. They can not retract like they normally would when cycling so you may end of sitting on them. As for running, this seems to be possible but you’d want to make sure your cage is snuggly supported (and not too heavy).

I go to a gym 3 times a week (free weights mostly) and play badminton, I don’t wear my cage during these times.

For only 4-6 hours at a time, you really wouldn’t need to worry. It sounds like your GF is only interested in using the device on you during playtime, a tease and denial sort of scenario rather than full on orgasm / penis control.

For the most part, my cage is symbolic and that it affirms my position that my penis is for Mrs Sens enjoyment only. Wearing it or not during things like sports is irrelevant in that its not a time where I would pleasure myself anyway, and why risk an injury?

To really get the “benefit” of chastity, for me I have to push myself through the mental barrier of being horny but without allowed a release, I can then surf the wave of being aroused, completely enamoured with my wife where your feelings of lust go back to the early days of courtship. For me, that takes about 4-6 days after orgasm to get there. My longest lockup is about 3 weeks.


I’ve been caged for over a year now. I wear it all my waking hours and during Locktober I wear it 24/7.
During the day erections are actually quite pleasurable as it feels as if someone is squeezing your penis. During the night erections can be quite painful as the cage is pulled forwards stretching the skin of your scrotum. This is why I don’t wear mine at night.

Depending on the size of the cage you choose and the clothing you wear the cage may be visible but not specifically as a cage. More as a larger bulge than normal which makes you look quite well endowed.

Shrinkage is a genuine problem if you don’t have full erections on a relatively regular basis. To prevent this I use a penis pump 2 or 3 times a week.

We have found that our male chastity lifestyle has improved our sex life and our relationship overall. We are also moving slowly towards a female led relationship which I am loving.

Have a look at the thread linked by PleasureDrone. It details our progress, trials and tribulations quite explicitly.

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  1. You should not have any issues with erections or getting hard. As it seems this will not be something you are sleeping in, your normal nocturnal erections will keep everything in functioning order. Size would not be affected unless your were restricted to 0 erections over an extended time period, but size comes back as blood flow works it’s way through your member once again over time.

  2. I have found that short silicone cages work really well for in cases where it may be prominent: slacks at an event, gym shorts, etc. LH sells the CB line of chastity devices where you can find a good size and fit for both eth ring and the spacing. You can find knock-off silicone cages elsewhere for use with the plastic rings to be more “covert”

Some advice on cages: smaller is better as it prevents erections better. The firmer you get in the cage the more discomfort you will feel. So if you are a grower, I highly suggest the CB-6000S cage instead of the 6k.

Personally I have found that silicone cages are too flexible and allow pull through.

I try not to use enclosed plastic cages as they are difficult to keep clean and can start to smell during the day.

My preference is for a short stainless steel open cage and my wife, who has the final choice, prefers the look of this type too.


I agree, but specifically for sports or when wearing something more revealing and you wish to be discrete, the silicon cage works well.

I have used cages and as long as it fits correctly you should not have a problems affecting your performance or health. Cages range in design, material and functionality. Some will be very visible under clothes and the length of use will vary. Take your time and have fun. :wink:

Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback. Cage ordered :white_check_mark:


Have patience. It takes a bit of getting used to but stick with it.

You’re in for an awesome ride, bud. Remember that it’s not just about physical sensations, but also very mental. You’ll find your perception on your relationship changes profoundly, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing; it all depends on how strong your relationship is, and definitely how much you trust your partner. Go for it, you lucky bugger. :slight_smile:


We are a young couple (21f/22m) and had never thought for a moment about chastity before until we we reading these boards together a few months ago. There was a post about ‘Locktober’ and as we do not live together yet it seemed like something interesting just to try for a week or two.

I liked the idea of him not being able to play with his cock and he was willing to give it a try so we got a plastic CB6000 cage and also a silicone one. We tried both the last 3 months and both worked fine and we can recommend them both. He is taking a break from it now for a month or two and then we will probably try it again for some fun.

The longest he wore it was 8 weeks and we took it off at Christmas. If you wear tight cycling shorts it would likely be visible but with other shorts over these it should not be. Maybe for running you would perhaps remove it but my boyfriend did go to the gym wearing his without issues.


If the silicone one is similar enough to the CB model, you can interchange the cage portion. Since it is more compliant you can’t really tell there is a cage there. It just looks like a thicker member.

We found that the CB model and silicone share the same basic design so have been using the plastic ring and silicone cage as they were most comfortable. As he still lives at his mums house it needed to be discreet and it was really only visible through his underwear if you knew you were looking for it and he just needed to be more careful when changing somewhere.

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