Gift Ideas

Hi everyone

I've been with my girlfriend for nearly two years now and for our anniversary I want to get her a new toy, but there's such a vast selection I don't know what to get.

We've done a small amount of anal play recently, but I'm not sure she much of a fan so anal toys are a no go.

I got her her first rabbit last year and she loves it.
I have no idea how to top it though. Has anyone got any suggestions?

Wands are great if you want to explore some new toys, especially if she prefers something powerful. Quite a bit of choice on Lovehoney and if you don't want to spend too much there's mini ones that would be good as a starter to see if it's something she'd be interested in. I personally couldn't be without my wand, I love it!

Also an option would be glass dildos. I think these are wonderful gift ideas as they're gorgeous to look at and feel incredible. Loads of choice too and again not so expensive.

If you're not on a budge, Lovehoney do a luxury range of toys which are gorgeous and look awesome for gift ideas and there's so much to choose from so you might want to have a look here.

I'd suggest a luxury toy of some sort, it doesn't have to be bank-breaking. Lovehoney have a wallet-friendly luxury collection called Desire, the products are really nice quality and a bit of a step-up from the Tracey Cox range.

Glass would be a great gift. It looks absolutely beautiful and feels vey unique. I received my first one at the weekend and it is stunning to look at. They are in lovely pouches too ready for gifting.

absolutely glass. they feel very luxury but are pretty cheap, i recently bought the tracy cox set which are really good and come in a nice box with two thick fluffy bags to put them in (i cant remeber the name of the material- having a really bad word day today)

Chiming in here if she loves the Tracy Cox Rabbit then I would suggest the Tracy Cox Wand because it provides the same nice silicone finish and similar vibrations and it does not break the bank.

Glass is lovely, but the materials may not be for her... so keep that in mind.

Depending on your budget, a mans powered wand can be a great gift as well. The new DOXY is very powerful.

Definitely a wand

I am still suffering from envy over your doxy lol.

A wand means you could try the different attachments too. Fabulous idea.

Glass is pretty though. I've heard lots of good things but haven't tried any yet.

Good luck choosing

Another vote for glass, there's a fabulas glass piece on dotd today and its not overly intimidating being 5.5 inch insertable. Might be worthchecking out

Then the wands offer amazing clitoral stimulation, combined with glass is in my eyes mesmerising and the perfect combination.
I guess it depends on your budget, but as Vanessa said the Tracey Cox wand would prove a good option with it having similar vibrations and the silicone material feels gorgeous on the skin. Or the desire which is rechargeable so no worry about having no batteries available.

My links aren't working (well it's most likely me missing a trick!) It may be worth having a chat with your girlfriend about what she likes in a sex toy or even browsing the site together. I'm sure it'll not be long before she's a huge wishlist! If it's a surprise, just make it a general enquiry as for her to show you the kind of toys she's into. 💟xx

P.s yummy mummy you've got to try glass, first chance you get 😄 it was the last thing I tried and haven't looked back hunni 💟xx

Agrre with the previous posters, glass dildo or a wand would easily top the rabbit

Purring-Pussy wrote:

Agrre with the previous posters, glass dildo or a wand would easily top the rabbit

+1......I love my doxy and my glass toys x

slinky binky wrote:

P.s yummy mummy you've got to try glass, first chance you get 😄 it was the last thing I tried and haven't looked back hunni 💟xx

Lol I Need to get some!! I keep looking at them. 😊 As soon as I have some spare cash I shall indulge 😁

Red Lightning did you choose anything? I've just purchased the glass...😊

I agree love the glass !

Wow. Plenty of suggestions. I want to treat her so I've given myself quite a large budget. I'll take a look at wands and glass toys. Thank you everyone :)