girl on girl

hello, even though i am as straight as they come, i do enjoy watching girl on girl films does n e 1 have n e copies they r happy to share with me, i have watched all the ones my hubby and i have.if so i would be happy to give you my email address to arrange something. New or old i am easily pleased! thankyou

I love to see lesbians videos! I think seeing a couple of lesbians is something really erotic

If you want to see a hot girl-on-girl film them look no further than the high quality ultra sexy Viv Thomas film called "Pink Velvet" It'll blow your little white cotton socks off! :-)

thankyou for that, where would i get it from, would i need to order it.??

Unfortunately it isn't sold by Lovehoney as far as I know, but if you google for it you'll easily find a UK retailer. Sorry I can't offer to send it to you myself - I enjoy watching it way too much :-)

ok thankyou will go to google and have a

You can buy R18 films from Johnny Horn Hardcore -

They don't have Pink Velvet but they have a few other Viv Thomas titles...

It's also listed at 3 x DVD for $21.95 (+p&p) Sounds good to me :)
"Lisa has become the owner of a hotel on the Hungarian-Czech border. Now in a serious relationship with Sandy, she still harvests a deep, unbridled love for Jo. Ella has come home to patch things up with her mother, and begins working at the hotel as duty manager.

An all-star cast and seven outstanding scenes make the final Pink Velvet a truly magnificent film, containing some of the most sensual lesbian erotica ever filmed. Real female orgasms, mesmerising lesbian love-making, long scenes of kissing, seduction, slow sex, anal playing and frantic passion combined with an electric atmosphere make this film a true one-off. A fitting end to the trilogy."

@ challisangela.. i dont know how i'd get ur email addy, but if ur able to pick up i have plenty you can borrow

@ kunilingus.. thank's.xx if u ask orgasmarmy if u can have my email. you will have to go to contact orgasm army.. hope this will help. THANK'Sxxx

@ challisangela1: how do i do that?

I love girl on girl too what sites on the net do people reccomend theyre seems to be so many!

You need to have a look at this website -

It won't be a waste of your time, I promise!

I think that girl on girl films are sexier than guy on girl films mainly because what i've seen of guy on girl is really degrading to women. I know not all of them are, but still some are. but its completely a personal opinion.

I also feel it focuses on women vs. men. Yeah, i know that sounds REAL smart, being as how its girl on girl, but most guy&girl are focused on guys. Again, personal opinion. But Pirates was definitely good, even though I have only seen the Blockbuster (rated R) version. I hope to find a copy that isn't HD

Oh, i better clear that up. R rated as in American ratings... 17 and up, partial nudity and excessive violence kinda thing. no male bits and no actual lady parts are shown. Sadly, it cut out about 4 of the sex scenes. Damn the sensors!

Try this link for girl-on-girl action:||||O|q0ns9ponn297pr9n1475175p733264p1

It is one of a few that shows actual tribadism. I think this is the hottest lesbian sex act! I was really whipped into a frenzy watching this one...twice!

Why is it that despite being so very straight the sight of nude women in pictures or films can turn me on like mad? I really don't understand it or is it just that, apart from these amazing forums, we just don't get to talk openly about our thoughts and feelings? I am puzzled.

suzie-w, if you think that clip turns you on, try this one (if you haven't already seen it):
or this one:

I'm straight too (in theory), but these videos really get me going!

Nobody here will judge you or condemn you for your thoughts and feelings, which is wonderfully liberating. And what a great place to get open, honest advice!

I think everyone is a little bi-sexual.

A lady who alas no longer posts on here (Trollstar) once said no one is 100% of anything....very profound but very true.