Girlfriend is curious

20/19 here. Girlfriend finally is considering meeting other guys and posting pics online of herself & may even delve into anal play OMG!

Just make sure she’s definitely ok with these things and not just considering them to make you happy or fulfill your fantasies. The reality of meeting other people doesn’t always work out the way you expect and it can change things if both people aren’t a hundred percent sure or haven’t communicated in length about boundaries and such :) x

^ +1 to this. Introducing others into the relationship is something you really need to talk about and set boundaries on both ends, it also needs to be done in a safe environment which everyone knows the deal. Insecurities can come on both sides of the story and sometimes once you introduce others it can lose a lot to a loving relationship. Also make sure as NatandTom has said that your partner First and foremost wants to do this, it’s her body which will be in the situation and she needs to make sure she’s not doing this to fulfil your fantasies while upsetting herself. I hope it all works out well and it sounds like you both have similar thoughts so make sure you communicate and discuss everything beforehand.

Lucky you hun xx

+1 to what both NatandTom said and also +1 to LIL_KNOWN69. Couldn’t have said it better myself. As long as everyone is happy then great, explore your fantasies and have fun but you need to make sure she is doing this for herself as well as you. Involving other people can end up causing problems later down the road. You definitely need to have a long hard talk about boundaries and what it is both of you want from this. Good luck!

I would definitely ensure 100% this is what she wants talk through everything in detail and set boundaries to ensure no upset or issues arising. I would also suggest anal gradual steps and work together to see what she and you enjoy together - lube is a must though xx