Girls, does your guy have a Fleshlight?

I have looked at the Fleshlights with my boyfriend and I think he would like to get one but is a bit worried about saying so and actually starting to use one. I would like to see him use one so id get him one as a present and I'm sure he would be using on his own as I know how often he has a wank anyway. They seem popular so I guess plenty of guys must have these now. For anyone that bought their guy one, are they a good idea? Which model did you get?

I got one for my guy. I asked him to choose which one he wanted and rather than thinking about the internal textures he just chose one with a vaginal entrance because, and I quote..."That one looked most like yours" lol I would definitely recommend one. I think it is only fair that the boys get to play with toys too, and Fleshlights are very good toys for the boys.

They feel more "realistic" than most other strokers. What this means to us is that the tightness and cushioning effect was more realistic compared to other strokers he has tried. They also have a more gentle, or soft texture to them. If you are looking for all out intensity and huge stimulation I could probably recommend better toys for the job, but if you are looking for a softer, more realistic, quality product then definitely.

As my guy put it, its really hard to compare which stroker is better than another. Ok there are some obviously crap ones out there but in the same way I have favourite toys for this and favourite toys for that, once you have experimented with a few strokers and develop some personal favourites, it becomes a case of "I like this one for intensity, but I like this one for softness and realism" and when asked to choose which is best, he can't.

Anyway I ramble (As always) so back to the point. Yes, I definitely recommend Fleshlights, and all other kinds of male sex toys too! Experiment and enjoy. You won't regret it (But your bank balance might take a hit lol) Remember that Lovehoney have a fantastic returns policy whereby you can return any product for ANY reason for up to a year after purchasing. See here:

They honour it too (I had to use it once or twice)

Anyway good luck and your bloke is very lucky to be spoilt rotten like this!

My man doesn't want one lol the was like nooo :0 why would I want that for. Hahah

Hay girls,

From a guys perspective I think thay are briliant, the only thing that he must do is keep it clean.

Love honey themselves advise that you wash it after every use and make sure it is well dried and powdered before storage.

I personally folowed thease instructions to the letter as though thay where written by god, howver after about a year of use, mine started developing black cuircals on the inside, now, I dont know if this was becase I hadent dried it well enough or if I just wore the thing out but I bined it anyway, since I have switched from my ' Lady Lager' to a new 'Tracy Cox Supersex supertight stroker' this was much cheaper (less than 1/2 the price) and is much easyer to cleen and maintain and in my opinion is as good if not better than a fleshlight.

If he is looking to fill the 'away time' gap that is usually filled by a guys trusty hand, I would advise the 'Tracy Cox Supersex supertight stroker' he just needs to rince it out and hit it with some cleaning solution and its ready to use again like brand new.

Hope this helps

Be glad to answer more questions of you have any ^_^

yes, i have fleshlight, it's my favorite toy... my girlfriend knows about it and she thinks it is great for me. :)

I brought my OH one yesterday as a gift, he didn't really like the sounds of it but managed to talk him into trying one.

I think its healthy you're buying your man a toy. Definitely spices things up. Heck maybe he'll buy you something to say thank you.

In terms of what to buy the Fleshlights are up there in terms of quality etc, I would say its well worth the money.